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Angry 5 yr old

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bmthgirl Sun 20-Jul-08 21:48:27

My 5 yr old son is an only child and constantly seems angry at the slightest thing,telling me he hates me a lot.(he has onl just turned 5)He never used to say stuff like this before he started school.He has also taken to keep calling me for on some occassions every 2-3 mins for an hour and a half when he has been put to bed.I feel like a yoyo but when i try and refuse to come i end up feeling bad and he starts throwing a tantrum and will just get out of his bed.He is always trying to play me n his dad off against each other.Does anyone else have these problems or can offer some advice?!

kid Sun 20-Jul-08 21:55:40

my 6yo DS often gets angry over the slightest thing. He is very stubborn and the slightest thing can set him off in to a bad mood. He does appear to be growing out of it slowly. It started when he was 2 so its about time he grew out of it!
The only advice I can offer is set the rules and stick to them. Its hard to stick to them but its for the best. Don't feel bad, he probably throws a tantrum because he knows you will come. I know its alot easier said than done but he will learn.

kim88 Mon 21-Jul-08 21:11:35

hello i have a severly angry 5yo step son who seems to hate me finding it very hard for me to form any sort of relationship with him but i contacted a charity called twoway who help you get to the root of this problem and will come to your home and give you advice on how to handle these tantrums in this easiest, safest, and most effective way for you and your child there aim is to help you learn your child how to deal with the situations that is upsetting them and learn you how to deal with them and change there behavior with out changing the child you know is in this angry shell and that you love so much you can contact them on 01908214258 hope that helps k xx

bmthgirl Tue 22-Jul-08 21:46:43

Thanx very much for both of your posts.Am trying to persevere.Tonight has been a nightmare,have put him to bed at 8pm n he has been calling up until now every few mins.Am trying to stick to my guns and not keep going in to him but is very difficult as he comes to the lounge a lot if i dont go but just been takin him back to bed.have spent a nice day with him today tho with a lot less arguments than usual n not such an angry boy!

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