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drinking a lot of water

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LittleCheese Sun 20-Jul-08 11:36:28

I dont think this is the right topic to post this under but not sure where is, in the last couple of days my 18 month old has suddenly started drinking almost 3 times as much water a day then she usually did. Can anyone advise whether this is normal or something i should be worried about.
Thank you

shinyshoes Sun 20-Jul-08 11:49:20

I'd say it was fine, the weather has been humid and she may well be thirsty or teething or both.

I get days when I can't seem to drink enough I am constantly dry.

I wouldnt worry, most children of that age refuse water, Its a good thing she drinks it. Give her as much as she'd like theres noting wrong with water.

ummadam Mon 21-Jul-08 12:04:59

Not unusual or worrying in itself, but if it continues, or if she is peeing a lot more than usual, or if her weight falls off then it may be a symptom of diabetes. Very unlikely but possible (and what you would find if you google it or I wouldn't mention it as I don't want to worry you).

If it doesn't settle over the next few days or if she is unwell in herself then I would pop along to your GP for a chat. They can test the sugar in her wee to check it isn't diabetes.

I expect she'll stop though and find something else to obsess about as toddler so often do

LittleCheese Mon 21-Jul-08 13:43:55

thank you both for your help
I feel a little better now, I must sound like a nurotic mother, worring that she is drinking too much lol, It could be a lot worse she could not be drinking at all i suppose

ummadam Mon 21-Jul-08 16:31:01

not neurotic at all! you sound very caring and sensible to me

piratecat Mon 21-Jul-08 16:33:49

my dd drank absolutely loads of water from about that age.

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