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Help - worried mother! Large head vein and "dent"

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Truffy18 Thu 17-Jul-08 20:36:13

My daughter is 10 weeks old tomorrow. I have recently noticed that she has a prominent vein down one side of her head. When you follow this vein with your finger it dips in. It is perhaps more noticeable due to her having very little hair. I know about the soft spot but is this normal? I', increasingly concerned as she has suddenly become VERY unsettled and crying as though in pain almost all the time unless she's asleep. She's suddenly sleeping loads during the day when she used to only sleep about 2 hours (sleeps through at night).

She was good weight born, normal delivery and no problems detected at her 6 week scan.

Am I being silly?

Franniban Thu 17-Jul-08 20:57:44


Both ds and dd have a really prominant vein in between their eyes across their noses. It did worry me at first, but one of my friends boys had it, and it just goes. DS's has gone, come to think about it and he's 4.5 but if you're worreid about it go and see your GP or speak to the health visitor.

Not sure if the unsettledness is anything to do with it. It could be anything that makes them unsettled.

Truffy18 Thu 17-Jul-08 21:02:09

Thanks Franniban. I hope it is nothing. I haven't been to baby clinic for her to be weighed for 4 weeks as busy with my other young child so feel guilty that if it is anything serious they could have spotted it a while ago. I'm hope I'm worrying over nothing but may go and get doctor to check it tomorrow just so I don't spend all weekend worrying!

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