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Vampira the bat baby

(5 Posts)
Twiglett Sat 05-Feb-05 16:44:37

DD now has

2 bottom teeth & 2 top canines

its most attractive

Yorkiegirl Sat 05-Feb-05 16:48:15

Message withdrawn

Joolstoo Sat 05-Feb-05 16:49:21

Aw bless - be careful now Twiglett!

Titania Sat 05-Feb-05 16:50:03

my ds2 did this too!!! doesnt it look funny!! lol. He is one next week and got 8 teeth so far.....cut 4 in a week!! EEK....oh well gets it over and done with. Doesnt look so vampire like now though! lol

Twiglett Sat 05-Feb-05 20:23:48

really Titania? oh that does make me feel better

seems so strange to me (and to everyone else I know)

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