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Teething - Please Help

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mmmmchocolate Sat 05-Feb-05 14:59:53

Hope some one ca get me some advice, My DD first tooth arrived last friday (she is 5 months old) with no warning no fussing crying etc etc that i had been warned about. But now for the last 2 nights and days she has been very restless crying all the time and nothing i do helps her. She is off her Milk yesterday she drunk 10oz in total and today she has only had 5oz so far. She has eaten most of her dinner and is drink water by the gallon.. She will not let me put her down even at night she has to be held to sleep, when she has always been sleeping through since 9 weeks. Can some one advise me if this is normal and when should i start to worry about her? ps i can't feel or see any other teeth coming through. Thank you x

mmmmchocolate Sat 05-Feb-05 15:22:57

Can anyone help me?

iota Sat 05-Feb-05 15:32:23

babies can fuss and teeth for days without you seeing teeth - some dribble and have red cheeks as well.

Having said that, you baby could be upset for many other reasons, if you are at all worried about her, take her to the doctor - better to be safe and reassured than for her to be in pain etc.

strawberry Sat 05-Feb-05 15:35:44

If you are at all concerned phone NHS direct for advice 0845 46 47.

I found the only thing that soothed ds's teething was Calpol but I know others swear by more 'natural' remedies too. HTH

NotQuiteCockney Sat 05-Feb-05 15:46:53

I had some luck with topical tooth stuff - Calpol makes some, and there's Bonjela, too.

They can be really quite cranky - DS1 would have a miserable night or two, and then a tooth, then a few weeks off, then a miserable night or two ... etc.

jessicasmummy Sat 05-Feb-05 15:49:15

if it helps, ive had this on and off since jess was 3 months old (now 6 months) and i still havent had the benefit of a tooth! She has been quite bad this week, but medised DOES help!!!

moo2 Wed 09-Mar-05 00:00:31

My dd has her bottom front teeth and is now growing top fangs, no front ones, really far apart (7 mths) is this normal? help please

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