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Do people think there is a need for male orientated playshemes/after school clubs?(with boys playing with trained male play workers doing boys things)

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kidsneedmoreplay Wed 16-Jul-08 14:36:47

I feel there is a big need for this with ever growing boys without dads or male role models, I think this would be a good way to restore the balance a little, what do you think?

FioFio Wed 16-Jul-08 14:38:34

Message withdrawn

Not a bad idea, didn't scouts/ boys brigade used to do that? don't they do that now?

Doodle2U Wed 16-Jul-08 14:40:26

Football, rugby, cubs/beavers/scouts, cricket, basketball....quite a few here too.

kidsneedmoreplay Wed 16-Jul-08 14:40:42

Where's here?

FioFio Wed 16-Jul-08 14:42:15

Message withdrawn

Doodle2U Wed 16-Jul-08 14:42:27


Karate, boxing, Boys Brigade also here.

kidsneedmoreplay Wed 16-Jul-08 14:42:51

But I'm talking about "play" fulfilling emotional needs, not "structured play" i.e football rugby etc, comments please,

FioFio Wed 16-Jul-08 14:44:56

Message withdrawn

missblythe Wed 16-Jul-08 14:45:04

What do you mean by 'doing boy things'?

posieflump Wed 16-Jul-08 14:46:03

'"play" fulfilling emotional needs'

can you speak in English please wink

nkf Wed 16-Jul-08 14:47:33

You mean like taking engines apart? And sawing wood? I think lots of boys would love that.

nkf Wed 16-Jul-08 14:47:54

Are you going to set one up?

kidsneedmoreplay Wed 16-Jul-08 14:50:28

I mean things like woodwork i.e building bird boxes etc, playing sports just for fun etc. I'm glad there is lots going on, theres nothing here, I work in open access play schemes in south glos and lots of mums say there should be more male role models and clubs for boys with men working there, its just feedback I've got from mums and just seeing if it is a wide spread problem?

nkf Wed 16-Jul-08 14:52:33

There's nothing quite like that here. I would love it.

posieflump Wed 16-Jul-08 14:53:19

me too

kidsneedmoreplay Wed 16-Jul-08 14:55:55

I work for a childrens organisation called childrens playlink in south glos and was thinking of setting something like this up in this area, just trowing it out to you guys for feedback from real people!!

And with fulfilling emotional needs, i mean children especially boys who lack emotional support at home, basically not being brought up very well,

kidsneedmoreplay Wed 16-Jul-08 14:57:00

Yeah things like that NKF wink

nkf Wed 16-Jul-08 15:07:08

Where are you based?

MrsBadger Wed 16-Jul-08 15:09:02


nooka Wed 16-Jul-08 15:11:51

I think that would be good. Lots of the general ones seem more appealing to my dd than my ds. I'd like sciency experimental things as well as the more physical stuff

missblythe Wed 16-Jul-08 15:31:41

But why is that, Nooka?

Is it because they are run by women, or because they do activities that are perceived as female?

nooka Wed 16-Jul-08 15:51:24

No, more because they do things that ds doesn't find interesting, like arts and crafts. I think he would respond better to something a little more adventurous.

filthymindedvixen Wed 16-Jul-08 15:55:12

yes yes, please come to north yorkshire! Scouts is too 'organised' and formal for my ds. He is 10.5 and there is an assumption that kids stop 'playing' any time now. And I believe vehemently that a group of 12/14/16 year olds will ''play'' given half a chance. Ever watched them on a bouncy castle? Or even on the swings when no-one is watching....?

MrsBadger Wed 16-Jul-08 15:55:55

a lot of it is due to practicalities

tis a lot less effort for the leaders to supervise 20 kids sitting down quietly painting than 20 kids running through woods climbing trees and lighting fires

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