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My baby never coos, just squeaks - normal at 5.5mo?

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MabelMay Wed 16-Jul-08 13:43:07

I'm probably being utterly paranoid, so please tell me if I am - won't be at all offended. In fact, it's kind of what I want to hear!

My nearly 6mo DS2 is a generally happy, sociable baby. But I've started to get a little concerned over his "language" skills. He has never coo-ed or make any speech-like sounds at all. The only noises he seems to make are squeaks, raspberries or screeches (or crying obviously!). On the rare occasions that he laughs he doesn't really "laugh" but inhales. Does that make sense?
I just remember my DS1 making all kinds of noises at this stage. So I suppose I'm comparing DS2 a lot to this.

Sound similar to anyone else's DCs?

I dont' have any concerns about his hearing, btw. had hearing test when v young and was fine and he responds v well to sound and us talking to him etc.

am i worrying about nothing?

MabelMay Wed 16-Jul-08 14:22:21


smallwhitecat Wed 16-Jul-08 14:33:24

Message withdrawn

quickerthistimeplease Wed 16-Jul-08 14:33:27

My DD is 1. I can't really remember what noises she was making at that age but I remember that all her baby friends were different and some screached a lot, some delicately chuckled etc etc. I would say you don't have anything to worry about

ninedragons Thu 17-Jul-08 03:12:06

Your DS is the same age as my DD. She squeals, blows raspberries, inhales and instead of laughing does a sort of honk.

I think if your DS is responding to sound and is sociable, you have nothing to worry about. You don't meet many mute 20-year-olds so he will pick it up along the way.

Perhaps it's to do with being a younger child. My younger cousin was a very late talker because her elder sister acted as a translator for her.

BrownSuga Thu 17-Jul-08 03:53:41

DS is 13mths and has never cooed, but made all the other noises under the sun. A friend said he may be musical as her son did exactly the same.

BrownSuga Thu 17-Jul-08 03:54:11

... and her son is very musical.

pinata Thu 17-Jul-08 09:08:03

i'm sure it's nothing to worry about - i was the same with DD a few weeks ago (she is just over 7 months now). i just made a real effort to actually speak to her, instead of just singing her silly songs

not sure if it's a coincidence, but she has gone from the occasional "aaaaah" and nothing else to lots of other sounds, including very recently dadadadadadada

violetsmile Thu 17-Jul-08 09:26:24

Oh my ds was just like this at that age! His laugh was like a toilet flushing! He sort of inhaled and made a sound like a drain. He's 11 months now and has a gorgeous infectious laugh and says a whole range of 'words' such as 'goggy' when he points at the dog! 'dadda', 'mumumum' and the usual babba and gaga.

I'm sure it's normal, you are being paranoid but it's also normal! I was worried too but suddenly around 7-8 months his language just took off and he NEVER shuts up!!

SebbysMum Fri 18-Jul-08 23:44:48

My DS is exactly the same at 7 months today. I didn't talk until I was 3 and rarely shut up nowadays so it's one thing I'm not too worried about.

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