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What games do you play with your 4 month old?

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forevared Wed 16-Jul-08 13:12:32

Feeling very stupid to have to ask this but what games do you all play with your babies? My ds is now 4 months and apart from gazing at his elephant on his activity arch and listening to me sing to him, he doesn't really engage in any play. He's not interested in the toys I've bought him and I'm running out of ideas. I want to spend more time playing with him rather than just constantly singing.

Guadalupe Wed 16-Jul-08 13:13:20


Guadalupe Wed 16-Jul-08 13:14:17

seriously though, let him gaze and listen to you sing. He'll let you know soon enough when he's bored!

Habbibu Wed 16-Jul-08 13:20:36

Not games (too young really, other than maybe peekaboo) - used to sit dd up with a bowl of whatever safe things I could find in the kitchen drawer - spatula, wooden spoon, ice cube tray, etc. Let him just watch whatever you're up to, and talk to him about it. The day will come all too soon when it's constantly "Mummeeee! Play with meeee!"

hanaflowerisnothana Wed 16-Jul-08 13:21:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flier Wed 16-Jul-08 13:23:01

round and round the garden, this little piggy, peekaboo, throw a burp cloth (clean) over your head then take it off and say boo, then place it over his head and he'll eventually work out how to take it off and eventually say boo too.

Mutt Wed 16-Jul-08 13:25:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

forevared Wed 16-Jul-08 13:43:14

Thanks, the books I have all say he should be grasping this and batting that and interested in X, Y and Z.....
Think I'm going to throw them away!

Guadalupe Wed 16-Jul-08 13:52:46

get rid of the books

he'll bat his elephant when he's good and ready

angel1976 Wed 16-Jul-08 21:04:47

Hi forevared,

One day (at about 4.5 months) DS suddenly figured what to do with his hands (had been staring at them for ages) and started grabbing for things on the activity arch. Now I spend all day trying to stop him putting magazine pages, toys etc into his mouth! It will come soon enough... My DS is almost 5 months btw so lots of progress in a short 2 weeks!


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