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hedwig06 Tue 15-Jul-08 12:22:45

I have a 17 month old boy, who is very demanding.
He was walking at 10 months, and has been a nightmare since. I can't even go to the loo, without him doing domething he shouldn't.
We've baby proofed our house to within an inch of its life!!!

I have 3 other children, and have never been in this situation before, where I feel I can't cope for much longer. I can't go the any school productions, as he screams, throws himself around walks off, and is generally a pain.

I have bought so much stuff to try to keep him entertained, but nothing works, no toys, books, art activities, as for going to the park he will do for about 10 mins, then runs off and starts having a tantrum again.

I have just bought a wrist strap so that he walk to school, but feel very guilty, as I have never had to but one before, and I really don't like usuing it.

I'm so tired!!!

Please does anyone have a similar experience? Any ideas?

juuule Tue 15-Jul-08 13:15:48

Lots of sympathy for you. It's really difficult when you have a child like this. But it will pass. It's getting through it that's the challenge.

Would it be better if you took him to the loo with you? Then you could keep an eye on him.

School plays, etc. Is there anyone who you could leave him with while you watched the production? Otherwise, take something he likes for him to play with. Stand near the back so that you can pop in and out with him. I've often stood just outside the door to the hall to watch my other children's performances.

Don't feel guilty about the wrist strap (I found reins easier). It's up to you to keep him safe and if that's the best way to do it then you need the wrist strap. Do you still take his pushchair when walking. I did, and would pop them in it if they started acting up.

Also, try to get a break now and then. Tiredness makes things seem a whole lot worse.

violetsmile Tue 15-Jul-08 21:11:03

My ds is 11 mnonths old and is nearly walking but not quite.

He is exactly like this. He can't stay still, even in the car or pushchair, he whinging to come out.

We have been invited to a wedding in September and I really can't see that ds will ever be able to sit happily on our laps. He'll be arching his back and screaming to crawl off and cause trouble!

I have to take him to the toilet with me and he potters around with empty shampoo bottles while I pee! It's the only way to stop him from trashing the house!

I hoped he would calm down when he gpt walking but I am not holding my breath.

He's always been a bit of a tornedo! He screeches all the time, shouts and grunts. He NEVER sits on our laps, just wants to be free and tearing off round the house.

He is very inquisitive and completely adorable but just a lot more active than most and very hard work!

I say 'No' to him and he squaks and cries. i think he is just very headstrong. In the long run, it's a good quality to have but a total pita as babies and toddlers!

serin Tue 15-Jul-08 21:57:03

There is hope, my DS1 was exactly like this, very, very hard work. If he had been my only child I would have felt like a complete failure as a mother, but his brother and sister were quite delightful toddlers and there were brought up in the same way!

He walked at 9and a half months and was riding a bike without stabilisers at 3 ! Just totally unable to sit still really.

Anyway around his fourth birthday, it was as if the hurricane just blew itself out and he is now (at seven) the calmest and gentlest of boys. He is very good on climbing walls though!!!!

HonoriaGlossop Tue 15-Jul-08 21:58:19

You have my sympathy - very active children like this are a challenge; I only have one so I thought all children were like this! But it took a few people saying to me that DS was exceptionally 'on the go' for me to realise that some kids at this stage just are very draining and exhausting - my mum said to me that when she had me and my brother both under three and in nappies, we were easier to deal with than my ds alone.....

Went to a wedding recently where the 18 month old 'pageboy' toddled cutely between pews during the made me laugh bitterly as DS would have been OFF, out of the church, at top speed, without a backward glance...

anyway my point is that I agree with using reins, don't agonise about it, and take the buggy if only as a 'threat' as in you'll have to go in the buggy if you don't stay with me.

Perhaps use a playpen at home to stick him in for trips to the loo/front door/putting the kettle on?

And get breaks whenever, however you can because children like this ARE exhausting, particularly when you have other children as well!

serin Tue 15-Jul-08 22:04:26

Sorry, you asked for ideas!

I used to take a little pot of milky way stars around with me and if he really had to be still, (on the train for example) I would use them to bribe him.

afaik this hasn't done any lasting damage to him (he hates chocolate), and it saved us both from a lot of nagging.

At the school play I remember giving him a ball of blue tac to fiddle with, but at 17months yours may just eat it!

elmoandella Tue 15-Jul-08 22:08:46

take dc with me to loo.

i'm similar to serin. if i have to go out or even to shops i take some sort of snack. keeps them busy for a while.

specially in one of those snack traps. they spending ages puting the food in and out it.

hedwig06 Thu 17-Jul-08 07:29:51

Thanks for all your replies, I'm glad I'm not alone, although it does feel like it at times!!!
I do take him to the loo with me but as he's up at 5am and doesn't go to bed until 8pm, and then is awake 2-3 times in the night, I don't feel like I have any time away from him, all my family work full time, so theres no-one to have him for me for a bit.

My fellas supportive though, but he runs out of patience for the couple of hours hes here on the night!

I have sports day today - so that will be fun!!! I'm going to try the bribery idea, so I'll take some chocloate, and a drink and the reins and the pram, and do my best.

Its a shame really as I've never missed any sports days/school things but am considering it now as he's such a nightmare, I don't get to see anything anyway.

I wondered if I had done something wrong this time round, although I have 3 other children, 2 gils and another boy, they were never like this.

Thanks again for all your thoughts.

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