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I lost it with DD this afternoon ....

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blossom2 Fri 04-Feb-05 14:37:53

We had gotten ready to go to nursery, however she wanted to take her comforter which had not been washed for 2 days (very wet & smelly) so i put my foot down. She would not leave it at home and we have crying, screaming everything. I tried reasoning and staying calm but about 15 mins into it, i completely lost it. i was so angry, i walked out of the flat and shut the door. Came back in 2 seconds later but she still would not leave the comforter behind. In the end i gave in and she has her smelly comforter with her a nursery.
I was angry with her about taking the comforter and i told her so and didn't speak to her for most of the journey to nursery.

I know she was tired and i was probably tired but i don't know what happened. why did i lose it and why did she not step down?? it was a complete battle of wills and she won. But now i feel terrible ....
will she be angry with me when i pick her up ??

alison222 Fri 04-Feb-05 14:43:18

We all loose it at some time or other with our children.
You backed down and she has her comforter so I expect that she will have forgotten about it completely by the time you collect her.
But it may make you feel better to say sorry to her and have a cuddle. I'm sure that there is no way she would refuse a cuddle from mummy anyway.

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