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Has anyone used a goi goi pillow?

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Ebb Mon 14-Jul-08 10:12:09

If so please tell me your experiences. Did it help? How old was your baby when you started using it? Did you use it at night as well? Cranial osteopath has recommended getting something for 8wk old ds as he always lies on his right side of his head and it's getting noticably flat. Apparently in Sweden all the hospitals recommend goi goi pillows from birth. Any info / thoughts would be much appreciated. TIA.

Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 10:12:40

Message withdrawn

archibaldandlily Mon 14-Jul-08 12:09:20

I used one, had premature baby and had terrible flat head on side at 3 months. doctors in uk all said don't worry about it, but i took him to spain where my family live and they were very concerned about it there and doctors said he must lie on something soft like pillow. I did lots of laying him on other side once asleep too and the pillow really helped, - I didn't get it until he was about 7 months though, and just used it at night, and had another just normal pillow in his pram as it fitted well from 7months until about 11 months. He still sleeps with goi goi at night but from about 10 months he started moving around so much in bed that it doesn't really matter now and head so much better but he liked it at night and i think it really helped and wished i'd started it earlier. I mentioned to a doctor recently in uk that he slept on pillow and she was shocked and said that was very dangerous but i felt i got nowhere with his very flat head apart from them saying some people don't have regular shapes in life and he'd get used to it. I thought it was a much better option than the helmets. If yours only 8 week old I'd do lots of moving him on to other side when asleep, carry baby in baby carrier as opposed to always flat in pram like mine was, all that stuff made a big difference, but my one slept very well in carrycot pram and moses basked from birth so i had him flat a lot and it was very bad by 3 months.

archibaldandlily Mon 14-Jul-08 12:11:08

my little one is 14 months now, but i had to work so hard from 3 months onwards to try and get him on the other side when laying down, at one point he couldn't even turn his head over the ridge that had been created at the back, but now he is fine, but i'd start alternating the head and on something soft sooner rather than later, unlike i did

Seona1973 Mon 14-Jul-08 12:20:46

I used a goi goi pillow from a few weeks old with ds and it certainly helped a lot. His head stopped flattening and the shape started to recover. He has had a pillow ever since then and is now 21 months. You would never know now that his head was really quite flat at one point. I had a crib one and used it in the crib and also had a cot one which I used when he moved to the cot at around 5 months or so. I used it for naps and night-time. I got mine from here

PrettyCandles Mon 14-Jul-08 12:23:19

What about one of these? Less worrying than a pillow, but looks like it should have the same sort of effect at such a young age.

SebbysMum Fri 18-Jul-08 23:53:26

We used them from around 4-6 months. I think it did help to round DS's head out, along with other factors like less time on back. I am dissapointed no one in the UK seems to warn parents about flat head problems. If we have another child I intend to use the GoiGoi pillows from birth, including at night.

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