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What counts as running wild?

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Bronze Sun 13-Jul-08 16:19:38

If children were really at the point where they were running wild would you expect them to be behaving as badly outside the home as they were in it? Or at least at an unacceptable level. Or could children who are badly behaved at home but fine outside the home be described as running wild?

merryandmad Sun 13-Jul-08 16:29:13

I don't know. My dp says I let our two dd's run wild sometimes. But to me they are just being children. He espicially hates it when they don't behave as he expects when we go out for a meal etc. To me- as long as they are not disturbing other diners- then they are okay.
Little one does tend to want to sit on my lap etc and the two of them swap seats etc is this running wild?
Ps sorry for hijack

HonoriaGlossop Sun 13-Jul-08 16:37:00

I would say that running wild would be children who can't behave at home or out of it

I'd say children who can behave when they're out but are wild at home are A) letting off steam at home which is good and healthy and/or B) not being given clear enough consequences at home and are making hay while the sun shines


jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sun 13-Jul-08 16:39:10

ds1 runs wild.

He's pretty uncontrollable. If I want to go one way and he wants to go another it's a big physical fight. If he wants to go into cafe kitchens etc its a wrestle to keep him out. He won't sit down etc etc. If everyone wants to stop and sit down and he wants to keep going he would have to be held down etc.

I don't let him run wild- but he tries all the time.

tori32 Sun 13-Jul-08 16:58:10

Bronze I think the thing is that children are naturally more reserved with people outside the home without parents with them iyswim. Consequently they mostly behave better.
I don't class running wild at home particularly because they are testing boundries.
I class running wild as not sitting at the table and running round in a restaurant/running out of control in shops/ pulling things off shelves etc. when the parents are there.
My friends son 'ran wild' in the pub we went to for lunch angry She let him stand up on chairs (18mths) Drink other childrens drinks, run off to the other end of the pub and had no control over what he did.
I get angry because my dd tries to copy him at 2.6yrs

Ate Sun 13-Jul-08 22:11:10

Hard to define I think. Children misbehave, it's the nature of the little beasts! There'd be little need for parenting (or boards for parents to support parents wink) if they did as they were told, when they were told, all the time.

The role of self aware, conscientious member of society is generally one which we evenually support them into and it takes time, hiccoughs and learning all 'round, both behind closed doors and out in the big wide world.

IME, generally people are aware and accepting of the tendency of the young to misbehave occasionally, cause absolute havoc sporadically, etc.

Maybe less accepting when youngsters are that bit older? I do think it could be age relevant but I also know older children prone to the occasional blow out!

elmoandella Sun 13-Jul-08 22:23:41

oh tori am i your friends!!!lol only joking.

my ds 2.6yo behaves when we're out. but he's going thru a wee testing phase. trying to stand up on chairs, swap seats, etc when we're at restaurants. so i spend the whole time giving him a telling. although he does it. i dont class it as running wild as evertime he removes his butt cheeks from the seat i'm reminding him there's a bad corner waiting if he doesn't sit back down.

think it's running wild if they act up and you ignore them and carry on eating your lunch or doing what your doing without keeping them in order.

but there's 2 extremes. i've got a friend who's son is a nightmare, he screams, hits throws things in restaurants. and she just keep asking in a nice voice "aw whats up baby" then she snaps. leathers the boy in front of everyone. then she starts apologising to him and embarasses herself and leaves early.

i no longer go to public places with her anymore.

not after the clarks incident.he wouldn't try on shoes and she gave him about 6 slaps all over the body. i walked out the shop and left her and went to my car.

i still see her at her house , and at mine as the boy seems to be behaved ok there.

if your in public i think acceptable to use techniques like naughty corner. go to toilet to do it. bacause they also quickly learn that when they're in public they can do stuff they wouldn't at home cause you won't punish them in public

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