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advice on how to develop my ds1 (4yo)'s motor skills

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Honneybunny Sun 13-Jul-08 12:28:43

Probably has been done before, but i will give it a go anyway. Ds1 is 4.5 and will be going into reception class this September. I am not particularly worried about his development in general, but there are a number of points that i think he could use some help with, but i have no clue how to.

Until fairly recently, he has never been keen on drawing. He holds his pens/pencils still in some sort of fist grip. He doesn't draw anything recognisable, no cars/trees/people whatever, it's really just scribbles and lines. Same for writing. He can actually recognise most letters, but copying them on paper he can't as he has no control over the pen. It is the same when he's eating (holding spoon, fork, knife). At his nursery they have suggested that hes' left-handed, but i am not sure that he is. It also doesn't really seem to be a problem with his fine motor-skills, as he does the smallest puzzles, and little lego, and cutting without any problem.

I would like to help him but have no clue how. The last thing i want to do is correct his grip every single time i see him doing it wrong, as that would be frustating for both him and me. I do not want to upset him, as i am afraid that would put him off drawing etc even more.

Any advice/suggestions?

TooTicky Sun 13-Jul-08 12:46:56

This is perfectly normal, don't worry.

Does he like lego? This is something that was suggested by my ds2's teacher.

TooTicky Sun 13-Jul-08 12:48:38

Oh SORRY SORRY have now read properly [dunce]

Really, I wouldn't worry.
If he's keen, maybe interest him in gentle writing/drawing activities along a theme that interests him? If he's not keen, just leave it. They all get there in the end.

Honneybunny Sun 13-Jul-08 12:54:33

Thanks smile
I know i shouldn't worry too much. according to MIL Dh also showed no interest whatsoever in drawing/writing until very late. And ds1 does take after his dad.

I guess i am also comparing my two ds-s (which i know i shouldn't) and ds2 (2.5yo) is some sort of a picasso grin. I think what started ds1's interest in drawing was actually seeing his little brother draw.

LIZS Sun 13-Jul-08 12:55:17

ds didn't have hand dominance at that age and no interest in drawing. Try playing with sand ( such as writing and drawing with stick of finger in wet sand), squeezing and rolling playdoh, using large chalks on patio or chalk board, using a paint brush , Hama beads, crafts, tracing and copying as you draw. Try not to worry it often sorts itself out once they are at school and the teacher can experiment with different types of grip and seating.

sphil Sun 13-Jul-08 13:02:12

I agree with LIZS - DS1 was exactly like this pre-school, except that he couldn't do lego, puzzles or cutting either! His writing still isn't great (at 7) but he has just started drawing for England - no Picasso, but confident and bold. He got quite a lot of fine motor exercises in Reception and Year 1, but hasn't had much in Year 2. We've also got him doing karate and trampolining - good for gross motor coordination, which has definitely had an impact on his fine motor skills.

MummyDoIt Sun 13-Jul-08 13:08:22

Get him some stilts, you know the ones like buckets with string through to hold on to. DS1's nursery teacher said they help to develop the right muscles necessary for improving motor skills. Can't remember the exact explanation but it does ultimately help with fine motor skills. Also get him to throw a ball or beanbag at a target. That was one of the exercises DS1 was given in occupational therapy to improve his motor skills. DS1 wasn't keen on drawing or painting but would happily 'draw' on those aquadraw mats or use chalks so persevere till you find an activity he's happy to do.

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