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What exactly is the griffiths mental developmental scales test?

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nappyaddict Sat 12-Jul-08 22:31:46

is it different to the assessment the HV does at their 2 year developmental check? we´ve been referred to have one of these and the appointment has come through today and I was just looking for info on what would happen?

TheRealPhartiphukborlz Sat 12-Jul-08 22:33:07

are you sure it has mental in the title?
i have heard of griffiths but not sure ithas mental in title?

TheRealPhartiphukborlz Sat 12-Jul-08 22:37:46

perhaps it was developmental?

AggiePanther Sat 12-Jul-08 22:40:21

I think it's one that only psychologists do different from HV one

TheRealPhartiphukborlz Sat 12-Jul-08 22:40:51

maybe i am wrong hope someone else can explain blush

AggiePanther Sat 12-Jul-08 22:41:08

hang on ...may have one

TheRealPhartiphukborlz Sat 12-Jul-08 22:41:20

what did HV say?

AggiePanther Sat 12-Jul-08 22:45:51

Yes have found one .. what do you want to know? I'll see what I can answer

nappyaddict Sun 13-Jul-08 00:51:30

Appointment letter definitely said for a Griffiths Mental Developmental Scales Test.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 13-Jul-08 01:01:11

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict Sun 13-Jul-08 01:05:13

It didn't say so in the letter. It just says an appointment has been made for ds to see Dr M for this test. Surely if it was part of a pilot it would say so?

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 13-Jul-08 01:18:04

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict Sun 13-Jul-08 01:25:27

She said she was going to refer him for an eye test which incidentally we haven't heard about. He was 6 months behind at his development check but I didn't tell her I was concerned about this.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 13-Jul-08 01:36:11

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict Sun 13-Jul-08 01:48:18

Nope not that worried really. I mentioned the eye thing to her cos he does seem to walk into things a lot and just thought if he needs glasses it's fairer on him to find out sooner than to let him walk around for years not being able to see properly.

Not really worried about the test. I looked at the link someone posted and I'm pretty certain it's just the same one the HV has already done with us.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 13-Jul-08 01:53:27

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 13-Jul-08 01:56:23

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict Sun 13-Jul-08 01:58:34

I'm in the midlands so it's a bit far. We haven't had a HV for a few months cos ours left the surgery so we've been having random ones. A new one is starting soon so I will badger her about the eye thing.

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