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Worried 12mo dts developmentally behind

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BibiThree Sat 12-Jul-08 21:56:27

Just after some advice, reassurance or a swift kick up the butt to get to the Drs if needed.

Dts will be 1 on Wednesday, were born 5 weeks early, so developmentally we've allowed for that time. But they are consistently behind physically, only showing behaviours of 9mo babies.

Neither can get into a sitting position, neither crawl or pull themselves up on things. They are hitting some of the other milestones, but not all, but we're not so worried about those as all babies are different. It's the physical side of things that is really starting to stand out.

Can anyone offer us some advice? Thanks!

knickerelasticjones Sat 12-Jul-08 22:10:04

My DD2 is 11 months, but was born bang on time so is really about the same age as your twins IYSWIM. She can't crawl, pull herself up or walk and to be honest she is a bit pants at rolling over. I'm not in the least concerned (this may be as she is DD2 and DD1 was also a bit like this - she's now
3.5 and absolutely fine physically)

Do your DTs smile / make eye contact? Play with toys? Pick things up? I'm a real believer that some children develop in ways that aren't necessarily obvious to us. For example we all notice when a child starts to walk, but do we notice when their manual dexterity is particularly good at 12 months? Or your twins (and indeed my DD2) may be developing emotionally and mentally in ways which we can't see at all - and it may be that this particular part of their development is coming before the physical aspects.

I wouldn't worry - but then of course that's easy for me to say! If your twins have the physical development of a 9 month old then chances are they are fine, just a bit slower than other babies - like my DD2. But if you are worried do go and see the GP or health visitor - I'm sure they'd rather see you and say 'everything's fine' than have you worry about it!

BibiThree Sat 12-Jul-08 22:17:04

Thank you. Just hearing that they're not the only ones who aren't doing some of those things already makes me feel better.

They engage socially with us, call to get our attention, pick things up, play with each other and dd1, laugh at funny things and can say mama dada (indicriminitely most of the time), so they're doing okay in that respect. They show a good range of emotions, but they are in absolutely no rush to move around.

TBH, as lovely as our HV is, she's a bit head-in-the-clouds iykwim and I already know her response will be "oooh, they're lovely, doing just fine" and big smiles all round, so should I just bypass her and go to see the Dr?

My friend's son is just over 13 months and has only just started to crawl a bit. He's been content to just lie/sit there all this time! I think that can be normal for a lot of babies, just stressful for the mums!

But absolutely do make yourself a GP appointment if you want some reassurance. Even your airy-fairy HV should be helpful if you make it clear you're concerned. I bet they're just fine though

ArrietyClock Sat 12-Jul-08 22:26:00

Your babies sound very laid back. And normal! Mine crawled at 14 months and is only pulling up on things now at 17 months. She's following in her mother's slow footsteps. Honestly, enjoy it while it lasts. I miss having a 'plonkable' baby!

knickerelasticjones Sat 12-Jul-08 22:28:06

They sound lovely! My DD2 is showing signs of wanting to walk or crawl but she is (and I say this lovingly!) rubbish at it! Every time she attempts to crawl she just falls over and headbuts the carpet. It will come in time.

Like your twins she engages with us, plays with her big sister, babbles alot, loves her toys etc so she is obviously developing it's just that the physical side is not the first thing to come with her. She's also in nursery two days a week and her keyworker there has no concerns either, even though she is one of the few babies in the nursery who doesn't crawl.

But obviously I'm not an expert on child development so if you are really concerned I think it is fine to go and see your doctor. I'm sure your GP would happily see you if it helps set your mind at rest.

BibiThree Sat 12-Jul-08 22:28:26

They are very "plonkable" grin dd1 was such a textbook baby it's hard to not compare them to her. These two must be follwing their father, dh is v laid back too!

asteamedpoater Sat 12-Jul-08 23:26:17

My son couldn't roll over, get to sitting, pull to standing, bottom shuffle or crawl at that age. He either lay on his back, or sat if put in that position. In all other respects, his development was actually quite advanced - good fine motor skills, fantastic understanding, etc. He carried on having problems with his gross motor skills until we started physiotherapy at 15 months, and we got him walking by 23 months. Physiotherapy made a colossal difference for us and I was pleased that in the end I pushed for someone to do something, rather than just waiting for him to get there by himself - but that was largely because he was obviously upset by his lack of movement, it was absolutely NOT because he had a laid back personality. He does have hypotonia (low muscle tone) and hypermobile joints, though, which is why he needed help getting moving.

There is no harm in getting your children assessed, to check there is no physical reason for them not being mobile, yet. If they are developing reasonably OK in other areas, it is highly unlikely they have anything much wrong with them. My son is now 4 and can run, jump and skip just fine. He'll never be a great athlete, but he won't stick out like a sore thumb, either.

adelicatequestion Sun 13-Jul-08 00:49:49

With my DTs, one was crawling and rolling all over teh place and walking at 12 months, his brother did nothing and walked at 16 months.

Because they ere so different we had himchecked over (mainly because I'm neurotic!)but they are 7 now and both gorgeous.

BibiThree Sun 13-Jul-08 08:09:26

Thank you everyone for your replies, this is all very reassuring and at their 1st birthday party today I can counter interfering well meaning relatives with the knowledge that not all babies are toddling around at 12m.

TotalChaos Sun 13-Jul-08 21:36:41

I agree with asteamedpoater - it's worth getting it checked out now, as if any further referral such as physio is needed, it's likely to take at least a few months for an appointment, so better to get on the waiting list sooner rather than later.

MrsWB Tue 15-Jul-08 15:02:24

FWIW my DS (who was born on his due date) couldn't get from lying to sitting until he was 13.5 months old. He started bottom shuffling at just over 11 months, and only just learned to crawl and pull himself up now, at 15 months, but rarely does either. Still no sign of standing, cruising or walking.

I know how you feel as all his friends were walking by 12 months and are now running everywhere and going down slides, riding push-trikes etc while DS still just bounces round on his bottom.

I did take him to the GP who was very reassuring, so I would do that if you're unsure about your HV.

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