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wtf was that all about????

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micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 20:32:00

dd1 and two both have had distubed nights last night. dd1 slept out after a party and dp thought it would be wise to wake both me and dd2 at 1:30am this morning to let me know that dd1 was staying out!!!

they were both at a party at a fun house this afternoon so are bvoth v tired. i gave them supper straight after the party and told them they could watch a dvd and then it was bedtime. anyway they both fell asleep during the dvd which was annoying as i needed to go to the shop! but thought i would wait!

dd2 woke up suddenly and woke dd1 up so i decided to take them to the shop. dd1 screamded hysterically as soon as we got out of the house and was just repeating "i want you to get, i want you to get, i want you to get"

"you me to get what you darling your notr making any sense?"

"iwant you to get, i want you to get, i want to to open this" <holds out empty hand>

i decide to go along with game and 'open' whatever it was

<screaming> "no i want it open properly, open it properly, <sees man walk into flat> daddy daddy where are you going daddy daddy"

at this point i start to worry that she may still be alseep and is dreaming so i pick her up she calms down but wont allow me to put her down and when i try to so that i can get dd2s buggy into the shop she goes hysterical again and starts climbing up me like a monkey!!

i carried her all the way home and she is now just sat back on the chair watching ghostbusters and hasnt mentioned anything about it!!

has any one elses dcs done this? could she have been sleepwalking and got a shock when she woke up? herr eyes were open

HmphreyCushion Sat 12-Jul-08 20:34:44

If she was hot, she may have been a bit delirious.
DS2 has problems controlling his temperature, and is forever seeing giraffe in his wardrobe etc. grin

I usually strip off his bedding and clothes, and wipe him down with a tepid flannel.

Ate Sat 12-Jul-08 20:36:01

Sounds like a night terror? Cuddling and pretending to go along with requests (within reason!) are about all you can do. i.e. arguing that they are talking about something non existant can lead to hysterics as it scares and confuses.

My DD2 has them, most often when over tired, they're scary to witness but see to abate again.

Ate Sat 12-Jul-08 20:38:11

Oh, FWIW, she can never recall them once she has woken up (whether it's soon after or in the morning) which is probably a good thing TBH!

micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 20:41:18

she did get very very hot at the fun house but its loads cooler here i have the back door open to let in air too! could she still be overheated from the play house? we have been back about two hours now and she was fine untill we got outside.

i thought night terrors didnt happen when they were awake? i did just play along with it! she seemed to be most upset when she saw 'daddy' go into the flat near the shop!

Ate Sat 12-Jul-08 20:52:19

Sorry, I couldn't make out from your OP whether she was awake or asleep. When DD2 has night terrors, she appears to be very much awake and they can go on for prolonged periods. The first time, she sat wide eyed and screaming for her mummy, while I (her mummy) was cuddling her!

"Mummy's here...."
"No! MY mummy! I want my mummy...."

chunkypudding Sat 12-Jul-08 20:53:20

hey my mum, and me, and my sister, have all had 'waking dreams' (not an official term just a descriptionsmile)

these are really really vivid and the dream sort of spills over when you wake up.

what you described sounds very similar. i can go into more detail if it helps, but i don't think you need to worry. if it happens again just do what you did, humour it if poss and stay very calm it will pass.

your dd will prob grow up to have a very active and creative imagination, which is a good thing smile

micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 20:55:20

yes could have been night terrors then and maybe sleepwalking!? the man looked nothing like her daddy and it didnt seem to sink in when i said "daddy is at work you will see him soon" she was fine when i picked her up but went hysterical again when i put her back down and i still dont have a clue what she wanted me to open!!!

coastalmum Sat 12-Jul-08 21:00:46

my dd (9) has had night terrors and sleep walking/talking/violin playing. Normally happens when she's stressed, over tired or ill. Sometimes it can take quite a while for us to realise she's still asleep!

I usually guide her back to bed or any safe surface and tell her calmly but firmly to close her eyes and go back to sleep.

We have learnt never to wake her up even if she's having an undisturbed sleep, she never wakes up fully.

micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 21:10:56

she already is very active and imaginative chunkypud!! i did try to stay calm and dont think thats she picked on me being upset but am still a bit shaken by it as i have never seen her nehave that way and she seemed terrified when she thought her daddy was going somewhere without her!

even the staff in the shop were fussing over her as they were worried by her behavior!! she is usually happy and chatty when we go in there but she was just screaming and clinging to me trying to climb up me!!

she is absolutley fine now and says she wants to eatch the marshmallow bit on ghostbusters before bed but the dvd is jumping so am going to put her to bed soon as the marshmallow bit wont be coming on!!

micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 22:05:02

well she is in bed and fine now!! have just spoke to my mum who revealed that she her dad and her cousin all suffer from sleepwalking so i think she probably was sleepwalking!!

poor little thing must have gotten a massive shock when she realised she wasnt asleep on the chiar anymore!! its no wonder she was clinging to me in the shop!!

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