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I've just had the worst day ever

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tortoiseshell Thu 03-Feb-05 19:59:13

Ds has just been driving me mad. He is 3 and a half, and dd is 18 months. From the moment he woke up it has been whinge whinge whinge. Anything I've asked him to do has been met with 'I can't' said in that totaly whingey voice that sends the blood pressure soaring in an instant. I've had some things to get on with today, and the second I leave the room he's clinging on my legs saying 'I need you'. Refused to eat any tea. Final straw came when I was trying to go downstairs, and he was clinging on, and I ended up falling down the last few and cutting my back on the stairgate. So I'm covered in bruises and just feeling like I need some serious space between me and him. He's lying in bed shouting 'I can't sleep' (having been in bed for all of 1 minutes), and I just can't face another fight. Dh isn't home yet, and I think I just find it really hard doing everything from getting them up to putting them to bed. I just don't have ANY space at the moment (from the children I mean) - and I really feel like I'm going mad.

I'm sure tomorrow will be better, just does me good to offload!

purpleturtle Thu 03-Feb-05 20:03:47

Poor you . It's the peril of having two so close together I think (mine are just 2 and nearly 4). Patience is strictly rationed sometimes isn't it? Will dh be home soon?

Dior Thu 03-Feb-05 20:03:56

Message withdrawn

sobernow Thu 03-Feb-05 20:11:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zippy539 Thu 03-Feb-05 20:13:45

Tortoiseshell - I have an identical age gap and no dh around at the moment so you have my TOTAL sympathy. The whining just drives me DEMENTED!!!

Maybe your ds is coming down with something? My ds is always super whiney when he's about to get a cold/virus.

Hope he drops off to sleep soon!

purpleturtle Thu 03-Feb-05 20:45:14

Is your back all right?

oatcake Thu 03-Feb-05 20:54:48

zippy I was about to ask if he might be coming down with something. ds is like that everytime he's due an illness...

tortoiseshell Thu 03-Feb-05 20:57:46

Thanks! I think you're right, ds could be coming down with something - dd has had a horrible cold all week, and ds has had a bit of a runny nose. Dh is home now, so he is trying to settle ds down a bit. My back is ok, thanks for asking, but has a very impressive scrape and cut down it, so I hope will be worth lots in the sympathy stakes from dh! Thanks for replies!

purpleturtle Thu 03-Feb-05 21:01:53

You sound a bit better already - isn't it amazing what a dh can do when they're actually home! lol
I'd milk the scraped back as much as you can, too.

oatcake Thu 03-Feb-05 21:23:30

get the calpol / medised out!

moondog Thu 03-Feb-05 21:23:30

Tortoiseshell, my day was EXACTLY the same!! Felt like running away!!Mine are both ill but still utterably insufferable at present. I've been cooped up in our flat with them for 21/2 days without setting a foot outside.
We were invited out to dinner tonight and couldn't refuse so dragged them along absolutely dreading it. First 30 mins were appalling, then unbelievably they graqdually settled and were in fact charming!!
Maybe it was just me they were sick of?!

(Yes, really milk that back thing. Limp and groan and wince away!!)

logic Thu 03-Feb-05 21:31:37

Tortoiseshell, total sympathies, my day has been just like that too. I was considering starting up a new thread earlier to ask if anyone wanted a good weep. I only have the one ds but he is bang in the middle of the terrible twos and today has been hell. He has screamed, kicked, hit, refused to eat, sleep or get dressed all day. By the time dh came home I was a shaking wreck. Maybe we pre-school mums should start up a Shaking Wreck Club possibly with the tagline: May tomorrow be better and roll on the weekend!

canuckmom Thu 03-Feb-05 22:03:27

Hi, I only signed on to have a good sob myself, but you deserve all the hugs today. Have a glass of wine in the bathtub, and call it a day. I'll join you from Canada where it's -30 and we haven't left the house in a week!

weightwatchingwaterwitch Thu 03-Feb-05 22:19:04

Sorry you had a shite day tortoiseshell. I hope this post finds them asleep and you with a glass of wine. Does being outside with him help? I find it dilutes it sometimes! I hope tomorrow is better.

moondog Thu 03-Feb-05 22:22:11

Ohmigod canuckmum! I thought I was suffering in snowy Eastern Turkey! You must have severe cabin fever.
Doesn't go quite that low here although it did in Russia where we used to live!
Praying that dh gets a job in the Trpics when this one is up!
(All the bloody dressing up to leave the house pisses me off even more!!! What a palaver!)

handlemecarefully Thu 03-Feb-05 22:22:27

Just adding to the general empathy and the "been there and got the t-shirt" sentiments.

Some days are just too cruddy aren't they? ...but then others are just jems of a day which you wish would never end.

tortoiseshell Thu 03-Feb-05 22:22:52

Well, ds is now in our bed, not asleep, but I'm hoping he might actually stay there. Just sent dh out for a curry! Can't face cooking this evening. www - hadn't thought of the wine, am going to open a bottle immediately! I think you're right about being outside - it's less confining than the four walls of the house! Sympathies to everyone else who's had a terrible day!

moondog Thu 03-Feb-05 22:36:18

'hadn't thought of the wine'!!!!
Wish I could be as controlled..I'm ALWAYS thinking of the wine..all wine..any wine!!
(Have a glass for me. My dinner out was with a Muslim couple!)

canuckmom Thu 03-Feb-05 22:55:26

Hello Moondog: I'm canuckmom (Canada) nice to meet a fellow wino, I find it makes me a better wife and mother, what do you think?

moondog Fri 04-Feb-05 13:17:03

In complete agreement!

lowcalCOD Fri 04-Feb-05 13:21:37

bet you he comes dwo with an illness in the next few days

canuckmom Sun 06-Feb-05 22:14:33

Hello all: I've been down woth flu for two days, thought I'd check in with everyone. My house is so trashed I'll be two more days cleaning up. How dare I get sick eh!

oatcake Sun 06-Feb-05 22:16:55

incidentally, after a week of obnoxious behavious, ds went to bed at 6pm, at his request, has a fever, and has so far (10.15pm) woken twice for a week and water...

He's gonna be ill tomorrow...

oatcake Sun 06-Feb-05 22:17:25

sorry, for a WEE - 2 glasses of wine...

AnnieSG Wed 06-Jul-05 12:37:51

Ah,I sympathise so much with all of this. I had a day like that yesterday and became convinced that my ds, who is 2, was just the most horrible child ever. The leg-clinging bit is terrible and I got so close to shouting something really horrible at him. Honestly, we are supposed to be superhuman sometimes, putting up with so much abuse and remaining mature and reasonable about it. I just keep trying to say 'this too will pass, this too will pass' like a mantra. Hope things got better since for everyone on this thread who's had a tough day.

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