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My 5.5 yr old ds has recently become very clingy and anxious, why and what do I do?

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jafina Fri 11-Jul-08 20:13:50

I have 5.5 yr old non-identical twin boys. One of them, DS2, has always been very independent, outgoing and confident. However, in the past 9 months he has had long periods of being very grumpy and argumentative, which I partially put down to being in his first year at "big school" and having a new baby in the house.

But in the last few weeks he has suddenly also become very clingy; he follows me around the house and can hardly bear for me to leave the room he is in. He has also started being very anxious about "funny noises". He used to happily sit and play on the computer for half an hour on his own but now he won't use it unless someone is sitting with him. Similarly he used to go off and do Lego on his own for ages, now he won't do it unless someone is with him.

I have tried to ask him why he won't play on his own but he can't seem to articulate it; he just seems very anxious and DH and I are getting worried. sad

Any suggestions? Is it (hopefully!!) just a new phase???

HonoriaGlossop Fri 11-Jul-08 20:36:09

I think it probably has alot to do with school and the sheer effort it takes, plus separating from you is made all the harder when he knows the new baby gets to have you while he's at school!

My ds (5 years 11 months) over the last month is almost exactly as you describe - anxious, makes a fuss if I leave the room, really doesn't want to play alone, etc; he's also been having alot of bad dreams. I am pretty sure this is because he is anxious about the change from year one to year two, as the class has been split this year so it's a fairly big change coming....

so yes I think it's a phase due to school and the new baby.

I am sure the summer holidays will help!

jafina Sat 12-Jul-08 10:29:05

thanks HG.

I know there have been a lot of changes in his life recently so I guess it is not too surprising. It is just so awful seeing a child unhappy when they are only 5 years old!!

And from a selfish point of view it gets exhausting being followed around everywhere, I feel like I am being stalked.

I hope he feels more relaxed as the holidays kick in..........

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