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When should I stop Flameboy playing with my "popples"?

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Flamesparrow Thu 10-Jul-08 21:51:41

He can't say nipples wink

He has been a nipple twiddler since stopping breastfeeding. Shoves his hand down my top and into my bra when he is tired or upset.

I vaguely try to stop him if we are in shops etc, but most of the time I don't bother. At home I don't bother at all.

He is 2.4 and still feels very young to me, but I am thinking that I will have to discourage it at some point, or just hope he grows out of it?? (Picturing him running into school and giving my popples a quick tweak before going grin)

S1ur Thu 10-Jul-08 21:55:39

I think he'll grow out of it.

And obv you can discourage it at times you feel uncomfortable.

hoxtonchick Thu 10-Jul-08 21:58:00

my dd does this, she's just 3. drives me insane, but she finds it really comforting. she only asks now at bedtime & does it at night (we co-sleep). i do stop her when it gets too annoying. am hoping she'll grow out of it sometime soon <sigh.

Sazisi Thu 10-Jul-08 22:03:36

All three of mine will attempt to cop a feel now and again hmm I don't really let them because it annoys me and I'm a mardy cow.
I only stopped bfing DD3 a few months ago, and just feel a bit touched out I think.

Flamesparrow Thu 10-Jul-08 22:09:58

I stopped feeding (12months) more through necessity than desire (he bit me so badly one side took weeks to heal, and by that time my production in that side was shot - I couldn't cope with just one side and was very self conscious of being wonky!!)

I don't know if that is why it doesn't tend to bother me much, because I feel I missed out.

I like the idea of him stopping of his own accord. It is comforting to be wanted DH finds it less so when he goes for his popples wink

violetsmile Fri 11-Jul-08 08:27:25

Aww it's sweet that just by tweeking you he is comforted! Granted it may be embarressing in public though. He's very young though so even in public I'm sure people won't really think badly of it, I wouldn't even give it a second thought if I saw a toddler do it! I think he'll just grow out of it. I wouldn't stop him from doing it, as long as you are comfortable and not in the middle of Tesco! My DH still tweaks my 'popples' now though so not sure exactly when he'll grow out of it, lol! Soon I hope.

fryalot Fri 11-Jul-08 08:32:20

ds does this to me.

I find it really uncomfortable tbh so I try to stop him as much as I can.

I started a thread about it a while ago, I'll have a trawl and see if there was anything interesting on it - one thing I do remember was being advised to wear a bra all the time, even in bed, as it makes it a tad more difficult for them to get at you.

But if you're not bothered, why worry about it? as you say, vaguely discourage him when you're out if it makes you feel a bit <<shudders>> but other than that, let him carry on.

I think it is way more common than people think - ds has had a furtle when we've been in Asda (he has a knack of knowing when my hands are otherwise occupied and I can't stop him immediately) and I've just received knowing and sympathetic looks from people who look like they've been there.

fryalot Fri 11-Jul-08 08:35:20

here's my old thread

Reading through it, there wasn't much advice except the bra thing, lots of sympathy from others who had had the same problem (and some people giggling at me shock wink)

I started that thread in November last year, and he has got a bit better, but he still does it so obviously no GOOD advice there wink


Flamesparrow Fri 11-Jul-08 10:35:37

thank you

snowleopard Fri 11-Jul-08 10:47:16

DS likes to stick his hand down my top. He's just turned 3 and I have been discouraging him since about 2ish I think. I tell him that it is not nice to grab women's boobs as it's sore for them, ie all women not just me. He sometimes says "But I want to!" but he does mostly get it now. I'm trying not to make a big deal out of it, just treating it like normal manners.

waffletrees Fri 11-Jul-08 11:31:35

My 3 year old DS does this. I don't let him do it but I often wake up and find that he has sneaked into bed to cop a feel.

I stopped BF 2 years ago. Glad I am not the only one.

iBundle Fri 11-Jul-08 11:32:03

right now

palaver Fri 11-Jul-08 11:36:29

I would really hate it from a comfprt point of view, thank goodness mine were thumb suckers (their own thumb that is)

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