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DD's harness comes off today - I'm so excited. [grin]

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bearmama Thu 10-Jul-08 01:07:28

DD (13.5 weeks) has been in a Pavlik harness for hip dysplasia for 12 weeks and later today DP and I, with great ceremony, are going to take it off and give her her first proper bath.

I'm so excited. My beautiful, smiley wee girl is going to be free to kick her legs and grab her feet - which she has been trying to reach with her hands in the past couple of days.

Just thought I'd share. Been a long wait but SO worth it

grin grin grin

Niecie Thu 10-Jul-08 01:12:18


Hope your DD enjoys meeting her feet!

arfishy Thu 10-Jul-08 01:14:11

That's great bearmama smile. Have fun watching her with the feet and bath! How exciting.

sushistar Thu 10-Jul-08 01:15:29

Oh how wonderful. smile enjoy the bath!

tottie218 Thu 10-Jul-08 20:53:08

my dd had the same harness on at 10 days old for same length of time. She is almost 4 now and while it was awful at the time, she has had absolutely no problems since, I remember when her harness came off, her legs stayed in the same position for a little while as if she couldn't believe she could actually move them! agree it's so great when it finally comes off.

bearmama Fri 11-Jul-08 00:01:57

Well, we did it, and the poor wee thing screamed her head off - it was all too strange for her! She soon recovered tho smile and I've been enjoying cuddling her and watching her kicking her legs.

tottie that's great to hear - glad all went well with your DD. smile

pinkoona Sun 19-Jul-09 16:51:56

I know this thread is a little senior but I am trying to find parents with child early and late diagnosed

Dear All

I am mum to Siomha born 26/1/2007 - At 14 months she was diagnosed with a dislocated hip (Developmental Dysplasia of the hip) and her hip socket had not formed at the dislocation had been from birth. She was operated on in Great Ormond Street for 7 hours last September. Her surgeon created a new socket from her pelvis.

Please sign a non political petition which is encouraging the Department of Health to meet with late diagnosed parents so ensure what happened to Siomha is rare.

We have been up to the Houses of Parliaments with a Early Day Motion (which 107 MPs have signed)

and have pushing and pushing for media coverage. This condition is not necessarily hereditary and can come about through breech positioning.

I am absolutely delighted that your daughters hip was detected and as importantly TREATED early - as this is key.

Please, please sign. It takes about a minute

Many thanks Oonagh rset/8047730.stm

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