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Blardy TEETH!

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MogTheForgetfulCat Wed 09-Jul-08 21:47:43

DS1 is 2.4. I am pretty sure he has all 20 teeth. The last ones to come have been the back molars, which have given him a hard time, but as far as I can tell (he is not keen for me to look), they are now all through.

So why is he spending a lot of the time walking around with his fingers rammed in his mouth, dribbling and saying "mouth hurts" - do they still move around a bit/come out further after the initial breaking through? Should I get him to a dentist pronto (see above - he is not keen for his mouth to be looked at, and I'm wary of giving him a dentist phobia - bit daft...)?

Was hoping for a gap between DS1 finishing teething and DS2 (0.4) starting... <sigh emoticon>

S1ur Thu 10-Jul-08 00:47:59

Hmm mine is doing this atm too. I wondered about ulcers - no checked, thrush - no checked.

My lad doesn't say mouth hurts or seem in discomfort though but if he di I'd taeke him to dentist.

No harm im that eh?

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