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17 week old bach arching, unhappy with bf

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MamaHobgoblin Sat 05-Jul-08 12:10:29

What's going on?? My happy little boy has started acting very angrily when he's being breastfed - he sucks for a few minutes and then back-arches very strongly, cries, screams...I distract him and try again a few minutes later, and eventually the same thing happens. He's possetting and being sick more often than he used to - could he just be taking in milk superfast and getting full up sooner?
At night this isn't so bad - either he's too tired to fight, or he's just slept for 6-8 hours and is desperate to feed! It's daytime feeds that have become the nightmare. Doesn't seem to be teething - well, he's been dribbling a lot for the past month but I can't see any lumps in his gums and no other symptoms. He had a cold a couple of weeks ago and was frustrated with feeding because of being bunged up, but that's passed now.
He's generally very impatient with us, isn't enjoying being held sat on laps for long, dislikes lying under his beloved baby gym, and arches back and cries in his car seat. Is it just a developmental thing - has he just got a new ability - back arching - and is trying it out? or could he have developed reflux? A bug? Or is he just possessed? smile

MamaHobgoblin Sat 05-Jul-08 12:11:05

Sorry, that is BACK arching, not Bach arching, which sounds a lot more musical! :-)

MamaHobgoblin Sat 05-Jul-08 18:08:33


Scampmum Sat 05-Jul-08 18:16:54

Sounds like it could be reflux to me - bump till someone more knowledgeable comes along.

Wassup Sat 05-Jul-08 18:26:56

how old is he? might be worth taking him to the GP just to have a check over (make sure they look at his ears, especially if he's just had a cold).

both mine did have reflux (and were similarly behaved but didn't sleep well at night because of it) but even once the reflux got a bit better they were both 'arch back' children (that's what we used to call them)

I had to perfect the knee to the chest position to get them both into car seats, highchairs, pushchairs etc. the little blighters.

Wassup Sat 05-Jul-08 18:27:54

ah I see 17 weeks old! seems odd if he's never shown any sign of reflux to suddenly get it but I don't know. If you're worried, I'd take him for a check up as it could well be a bug or something but better to be sure.

MamaHobgoblin Sat 05-Jul-08 18:49:08

Yes, I thought it was a bit odd to get reflux all of a sudden, too. If he's still like this on monday I'll take him to the GP - he's been pooing a bit more than usual and perhaps he has a tummy bug that's making him hurt when he feeds??

bluedomino Wed 09-Jul-08 23:45:17

My dd fought at the breast and was constantly sick, she was diagnosed with milk/soya allergy at 6 weeks. She was allergic to me as well so I had to stop BFing. Has he got a rash or diarrohea or constipation? Some Drs will tell you that they don't get constipated with milk allergy, but that is rubbish. Dd had bad reflux but one day it just disappeared (honest). I found that reflux can come and go. But may be its just wind or a bug.

TeeBee Thu 10-Jul-08 15:44:34

Definately sounds like reflux. My DH1 had it, sounds exactly the same. He used to wake up screaming with it. He didn't have it immediately. I would get it checked out. Although our GP wouldn'ty do anything I know baby Gaviscon is supposed to be brilliant.

Beetroot Thu 10-Jul-08 15:46:50

he sounds like he has wind

try to breastfeed with him slightly upward - ie not lieing =flat

wind him more often

and I found that leaving a bigger gap between feeds helped - try distracting him for a while.

beanbearer Thu 10-Jul-08 16:35:23

My DS gets extra fussy in the early evenings and the only way I can get him to settle into a feed is by walking about while holding him upright - not exactly textbook BF position but seems to work for him. Could be worth a try? After about 5 minutes I can usually sit down as long as I perch on the edge of a chair and keep him more or less upright. (He's also calmer at night and will feed fine lying next to me).

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