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should I have my 2 wk old son's tongue tie snipped

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spongebrainbigpants Fri 27-Jun-08 19:26:51

Hi, not sure if this is the right thread to post on, but I'm looking for advice on my little boy's tongue tie.

He's 12 days old and is not being breast fed so it's not for feeding reasons but I've heard that tongue tie can interfere with speech development - but obviously won't know if this will be a problem for another year or two. I also understand that, if I think it should be snipped, it would be better to do it now than when he's older.

Really agonising about this and I know I probably shouldn't be, but interested in others experiences/opinions so I can make a more informed decision.

Thank you.

georgiemama Fri 27-Jun-08 19:28:22

if you look on kittywise's thread about birthtv, there is a link to the site. You have to register but I noticed on that site there is a video of a tongue tie snip being done. I haven't watched it but thought it might be helpful.

georgiemama Fri 27-Jun-08 19:29:32


2Happy Fri 27-Jun-08 19:32:24

Most paeds surgeons won't snip it unless it is interfering with bfeeding. There's no guarantee that it will affect speech etc, and quite a few solve themselves by snipping on growing teeth, but the irritating thing is that by the time they're old enough for you to know if there's going to be a problem, they'll be at the age where they would have to have a general anaesthetic to divide it (allbeit a very short one) rather than the pin 'em down and slash gently separate of an infant.

We had ds2's snipped because his was interfering with feeding, and as soon as it was done feeding improved so I'm glad we had it done. Would I have had it divided if not? No, but only because I am also tongue tied, and it never affected my speech, and it was up to me to decide once I was mature enough to do so. I had mild teasing at school for it, and can't french kiss, but dh has never comlpained wink. But that is only one person's experience, and you don't have a crystal ball... hard decision.

nellieloula Fri 27-Jun-08 19:40:03

do it, do it, do it! We did our DD's at 6 months and it was the best thing we did (although we truly agonised over it) - she was a different child pretty much immediately; feeding was much more comfortable for both of us, she smiled more and the shape of her face changed - Her's wasn't that bad at all but now she's eating solids, I don'tknow how she would have managed. Made a big difference to us and reassuring to know that she won't miss out/struggle with anything related to it. good luck with the decision smile

2Happy Fri 27-Jun-08 19:43:55

Oh a wee tip that may help - the paeds surgeon that divided ds2's tongue tie said that his was severe, not because he couldn't stick his tongue out, which wasn't the main test of severity, but because he couldn't life his tongue up towards the roof of his mouth. When your ds is crying/gurning/yawning, look at the movement of his tongue and see if he is able to lift the tip of his tongue to the roof of his mouth - if he can it may not be that bad a tie. So it's not just how far forward the tie is, but how short vertically it is IYSWIM.

poshtottie Fri 27-Jun-08 19:47:49

my ds has tongue tie. I didn't have it snipped as he bf very well in the early days though we had a few problems along the way. He is now talking and I haven't noticed a problem. However in hindsight I would have insisted having it done and you are right, the earlier the better.

deanychip Fri 27-Jun-08 19:56:18

mine had a tongue tie and i breast fed ok with it.
But one day i noticed a white resedue under his tongue and blood.....he had split i have no idea but he was fine from then on, although cant say i had any problem with it before hand.

Quicksilver Fri 27-Jun-08 20:27:41

My ds (and my dh) has a tonque tie. I never even considered having it snipped (for ds).
He bf fine and has no problems at all with speech. He is nearly 5 now.
I would not do it as it seems unnecessary pain for your lo.

Jen1978 Fri 27-Jun-08 21:38:04

my DS (now 13 months) had this, we had it snipped at 7 weeks because it was causing HUGE problems bf, to be honest we had it done too late because by that time he had learnt a really crappy latch and feeding was sooooooo painful for me and he never really got the hang of it after he had it snipped so i had to express and feed him the milk in a bottle. But as for the snipping part, it was so quick, he didn't cry and it didn't even really bleed. Now we look at hime sticking his tongue out, blowing raspberries, eating well and we think we were right to have it done, it ws such a quick, minor thing, whereas when they are older they need a GA and its loads mroe stressful.
In my opinion - do it now

desperatehousewifetoo Fri 27-Jun-08 22:30:59

I was an slt in a previous life (before kids!).

In terms of speech, there are various sounds that require us to lift the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth e.g t,d,l,n,s,z. Say these sounds to yourself (not the letter names tho i.e. 't' not 'tee').

It requires only a very small movement which is why many children with seemingly severe tongue tie don't have any problems. And why 2happy's surgeon said being able to lift the tongue is more important than sticking it out.

If your dc seems to be able to lift the very tip of his tongue, he will probably be fine.


bluenosesaint Fri 27-Jun-08 22:37:00

I can't tell you what to do with your ds, but what i will say is that a tongue tie divide is a really really simple procedure that is over and done in seconds.

My dd had hers divided when she was 13 weeks (consultant insisted that we wait til she was 13 weeks because he didn't want to do it without anaesthetic hmm) but we went ahead because of problems with feeding.

Dds tongue tie was severe and there was no movement off the bottom of her mouth so i strongly believe that it was the best thing to do for her. Like i say though, i wouldn't know what to advise you when feeding problems aren't an issue.

Good luck with your decision

Midwinter Sat 28-Jun-08 19:07:01

My ds was tongue tied when he was born and I too was agonising over the decision. We had no problems feeding but I was worried about speech. It is so hard when you can't see into the future. One day when ds was a few weeks old he got particularly grumpy and had a right old scream. Afterwards I noticed some blood in his mouth and he had torn the tongue tie. So in the end all that worrying was for nothing. No help to you I know but it does happen.

Mungarra Sat 28-Jun-08 19:27:56

My daughter's tongue-tie was cut at 9 days old because it was interfering with breastfeeding.

The doctor, who did the 'division', said that they don't do it for 'speech or hygiene reasons' but only for breastfeeding problems.

The operation only takes about 2 seconds and it sorted out our breastfeeding problems. However, you may find that hospitals aren't willing to do it.

asteamedpoater Sat 28-Jun-08 19:33:39

I had my second son's tongue tie snipped when he was about 6 weeks old (2 days after I realised that's what the problem was...), as it was making breastfeeding absolutely agonising and was very short, so he couldn't lift the middle of his tongue up. I am definitely pleased we had it done, as I could then continue breastfeeding for a year, as I'd done for his older brother. It really is an extremely simple "operation" - your baby is just swaddled tightly in a blanket and the midwife or consultant (some midwives have now been trained by the consultants to do this) puts in a pair of sterilised scissors and makes a tiny snip in the tongue tie. If you breastfeed, you then immediately feed your child, which works as a mild antiseptic as well as keeping him calm if it hurts. Some children don't even cry when it's done. My son did cry, although he stopped immediately afterwards to feed. He had a more unsettled night than usual, afterwards, though, and it did bleed for a few minutes afterwards. Apart from the slightly unsettled night, it caused no problems or traumas whatsoever, and I'm incredibly pleased we had it done.

dooneygirl Sat 28-Jun-08 19:33:52

It depends on how bad it is. DD has tongue tie, but it never affected her feeding, so we never got it snipped. It hasn't affected her speech one bit. I didn't realize it, but when I went to the dentist a few years ago, he said I had it, and I can't ever think of how it has negatively affected me.

spongebrainbigpants Sat 28-Jun-08 21:02:22

thank you for all your replies - lots of food for thought here

looks like they won't do it if i'm not breastfeeding anyway so could be worrying about nothing!

thank you x

kw13 Sat 28-Jun-08 21:26:43

My DS had it done at 8 months. We had failed at bfing because of it, but formula went fine. We still went ahead at 8 months as it was severe - and it was the best thing ever. He immediately made loads of different sounds, there were no after effects and I only wish we could have had it done sooner. We couldn't as there was a waiting list. See your GP and see if you can be referred. I know how worrying it can be thinking about a surgical procedure - but the results were so instantaneous and the hospital were so good that we really worried for nothing!

whispywhisp Sat 28-Jun-08 21:40:41

Both my kids have tongue ties - neither of them have had them snipped and neither have had any problems with their speech...other than they talk far too much!

tori32 Sat 28-Jun-08 21:47:00

I would get it done now as opposed to waiting. Its simple to get done so better at this age because he won't remember/understand whats coming and will soon forget it.

CasperGhost Sat 28-Jun-08 21:49:33

My dd and my dad have a tied tongue. I never even considered having hers snipped.
She breastfed wonderfully until 13 months and has had no problems at all with speech. In fact she spoke her first words at 9 months and was very fluent at two.
I would not do it.

hellymelly Sat 28-Jun-08 21:55:11

My older daughter had a slight tongue tie.It did cause feeding problems-hurt like hell ,but the midwife said it might stretch and I guess it did as the feeding thing was much easier after about 12 weeks.Speechwise she was talking clearly at six months and so no problems there at all.

whispywhisp Sat 28-Jun-08 21:59:15

We didn't even know DD1 had a tongue tie until she was 5yrs old - surgeon noticed it whilst she was having her addenoids removed and grommets put in. Because we were unaware of it and I'd not agreed to it being snipped beforehand whilst she was asleep he didn't snip it. Had either of the kids had problems with feeding or speech with their ties I would've had them snipped but because both have been absolutely fine I've left them as they are. I don't see the point in going through the worry unless absolutely necessary.

kateri Sun 29-Jun-08 00:05:34

I'd say definitely get it done now.

My son has severe tongue tie, and I'm having a nightmare trying to persuade the medical types to cut it, and now he's too old (9 months) to just snip it, it'll have to be all complicated and nasty.

Why can't they just cut them all routinely at birth? Midwives used to do it all the time, what happened?

Amphibimum Sun 29-Jun-08 00:24:50

if you do it now he wont even feel it and it'll take a second.
if you wait till hes older its a bloody procedure with blood and aneasthetics and upset etc.

seems a no brainer to me. no idea why they dont routinely look for and deal with tongue ties at birth/in first few weeks.

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