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Tips for getting a three week old baby to nap in the day

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RebeccaP Mon 23-Jun-08 18:15:55

My DS is nearly 3 weeks old and it's virtually impossible to get her to sleep during the day. I can tell she's getting tired and have tried all sorts of things, but she seems to fight sleep and ends up getting really overtired and miserable. She also has a strong startle reflex so that wakes her up when she is dropping off. Does anyone have any ideas for helping her get to sleep? I've tried swaddling but she seems to like her arms free. Thank you!

gagarin Mon 23-Jun-08 18:25:21

Do you mean sleep? Or do you mean sleep on her own in another room?

Because if you mean sleep then rock her and cuddle her and watch TV together so she can nod off in your arms - and than sit there!

Or put her in the baby sling/carrier and walk around with her?

Or put her in the pram/buggy and go for a nice long slow walk.

But if you mean sleep on her own lying down in her moses basket...I have no idea!

MrsTittleMouse Mon 23-Jun-08 18:27:09

I never did get DD to sleep in her Moses basket in the day. She won't even sleep in her cot now, and she's 20 months. Some babies just seem to fight it too much. I do get her to sleep in the car/pushchair though.

RubySlippers Mon 23-Jun-08 18:34:13

most babies look like they are fighting a swaddle but actually they calm pretty quickly

try a sling

or the pram

at 3 weeks old, most babies won't simply go to sleep on their own

ChairmumMiaow Mon 23-Jun-08 18:47:07

sling all the way here. We still do it, or cuddle to sleep on the sofa and DS is 5 months

Yay for books and one handed mumsnetting!

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 23-Jun-08 18:49:00

Message withdrawn

violetsmile Mon 23-Jun-08 19:20:04

I fed ds to sleep for naps at this age. People may tell you that you are getting into bad habbits and that she should be going to sleep on her own. Ignore it, do what works for you. I have NEVER known a three week old who can just doze off on their own, particularly not during the day. Also, try putting on some soft music for her (my ds tends to like Avril Lavigne hmm) and rock her or cuddle her in a dimly lit room.

tassisssss Mon 23-Jun-08 19:26:58

My 3 week old is swaddled and either fed, rocked, pushed in pram or patted to sleep. Falls asleep fairly well, but may sleep for 5 mins or 3 hours...shame she couldn't tell me first which it's going to be and I could plan my life a whole lot more easily!

She may fall asleep in her bouncy chair by herself while I'm drying my hair or in front of the dishwasher/washing machine while it's on...white noise I believe? It worked for my older daughter too.

A dummy helped hugely with my older daughter who was very sucky and quite grumpy as a newborn. i know you shouldn't start too soon if you're trying to establish BFing though...

mumof3angels Mon 28-Jul-08 09:27:21

grin just read all the comments and had to laugh, i agree with all and realize im not on my own in trying to get the baby to sleep on her own. I have a lovely crib and moses basket, what does she like? the sofa or bouncer! just remember though this time does not last forever! make the most of it.

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