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teenage attitude at 3 yrs old

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TiredBunny Tue 25-Jan-05 23:01:24

My darling 3 year old daughter has started sulking, tutting, and being incredibly sarcastic.... what do i do? The unfortunate thing is that it is quite amusing because she isnt aware of what she is doing but it is driving me nuts.

Ellbell Wed 26-Jan-05 01:12:32

Me too TiredBunny! My dd2 (3 in March) has SOOOOOO much 'attitude'. If I tell dd1 (4.5) off, she gets really upset, says sorry, cries, tells me she loves me, etc. But dd2 just laughs in my face. Thankfully, she's not REALLY naughty - just the usual 2-y-o stuff - so her lack of response isn't too problematic. But I keep asking myself, if this is what she's like at 3, what will she be like at 13!

Last night, because I dared to put her back in her own bed when she decided it was time to get up at 5.30 a.m. (dd1 was whinging that she was tired and couldn't I get dd2 to shut up!), she marched into my bedroom... STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! ... yelled 'You BONGLE!' and then marched out, slamming the door after her. I was half asleep, but I just had to laugh. She was so annoyed with me... and today I had to try to tell her with a straight face that 'it's not nice to call someone a Bongle'!!!!!

No advice at all TiredBunny. If you find a way of dealing with it, let me know!

TiredBunny Wed 26-Jan-05 21:31:20

Never heard the the term 'Bongle'.... my daughter calls me a skallywag!! Told her off today for refusing to go to the loo before we went out and she said 'you sit on the bottom step Mummy cos i am not very happy with YOU.'LOL

Blu Wed 26-Jan-05 21:36:33

I think it was MotherInferior who coined a name for this - The Threenager!

Ellbell Wed 26-Jan-05 22:24:47

I think dd coined the term 'bongle' all by herself. However, it's quite nice and expressive - I may take to using it myself!

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