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Dd just doesn't seem fussed about physical exercise

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Moomin Sun 23-Jan-05 23:09:07

have been werriting about the child of our time programme last week that said kids of that age (4) should have about 1hr 15m running around, pref outside per day. Dd (3) is very healthy, eats well, developmentally good but just is not bothered at all about running about. She's not one of these kids with boundless energy who needs a run round every day at the park or they go mad. We do take her out, obviously, but she is mich more concerned with other types of pplay, like imagination games, puzzles and basically quite 'static' stuff. At the playground, she'll try different things but is a bit unadventurous and would rather make a 'house' under the climbing frame and things like that.
I remember being just like that when i was a kid and i hated all the running around and climbing p.e. activities like cross country and gym, although i liked tennis and swimming. Dh is into sports and we're both trying to be positive about physical activity but i can see she's just not into it - am i right to be a bit worried?

aloha Sun 23-Jan-05 23:25:01

I can't stand physical exercise/sport. I do sometimes fear keeling over at 50 with some hideous condition connected with my hatred of moving about much (and yes, I've read all the stuff about reducing the risk of breast cancer/heart disease etc), but doing exercise makes me unhappy, stressed and depressed. I absolutely loathe the feel of moving fast or running or jumping - makes me feel quite sick. I know I'm probably extreme, but I am so much happier reading a book or pottering about. We can't all be the same, can we?

Soothepoo Sun 23-Jan-05 23:33:04

My dd (4.5) is exactly the same. DH remarked today that she hasn't got a single sporty gene in her at all - this was after we had been to the park, where it was such an effort for her to pedal her bike along a perfectly flat and smooth path. I'm not worried, she is certainly not overweight, and I'm more worried that if we push her too hard she will be put off for life. Two things she loves are swimming (we try to go at least once a week, and can be in the pool for over two hours) and bouncing (on our bed, usually, or on her small trampoline). Sorry, no advice, but your dd is not the only one

Moomin Sun 23-Jan-05 23:37:15

yes, our dd loves bouncing too! she also loves dancing, so i spose that's something...
we bought her a tricycle last year which other kids play on when they come round. she also had a scooter for xmas which she stands on and takes the occasional scoot.. [roll my eyes emoticon]
the only way i could get her to run about at the playground today was to pretend i needed waiting on hand and foot and she was running back and forth with pretend food for me!
glad i'm not the only one though

Moomin Mon 24-Jan-05 08:40:57

anyone else in the same boat or got any advice?

jangly Mon 24-Jan-05 08:51:36

Has she got a scooter (don't mean the silver kind!)? Sometimes if they don't like to walk they will happily scoot! Means you'll have to go on long walks though!

Moomin Mon 24-Jan-05 08:53:38

no, she's a lazy madam. she does one or two scoots and then gives up. dh says we ought to just put up with the moaning and make her and she'll enjoy it in the end, but i know who'll end up carrying the scooter home!

jangly Mon 24-Jan-05 08:56:20

Oh yes - you'll definitely have to carry it! Brings back memories!

mummylonglegs Mon 24-Jan-05 10:00:35

Hi Moomin, I could have written your post about my dd, 2.3. I've wondered about her and worried she's not getting enough iron in her diet etc. etc. but she seems fine otherwise. I have to almost drag her out to the park some days, she'd rather stay home and do all the kinds of play you mention. One of the reasons I've avoided sending her to nursery so far is that I think she won't keep up with the pace at all, at playgroups she's the most static, but also the most chatty, child there.

Hmmm ... maybe she's going to be a psychoanalyst?!

Moomin Mon 24-Jan-05 18:11:40

that's the thing, mummylonglegs - i know she's not lacking anything in her diet. she eats really well and will try anything. altho she doesn't eat meat, she eats loads of leafy green veg, plenty of fish and lentils, etc. she's tall and slim (like dh now and like i used to be!) so i don't think she'll be the type of body shape to put excess fat on, but everyone goes on so much about exercise these days, it just seems a bit wierd that she's really not bothered. she goes to nursery and runs round with the other kids and enjoys it, but it's not the type of activity she would choose to do if given the choice, iykwim.

mummylonglegs Mon 24-Jan-05 20:39:47

In that case moomin I wouldn't worry. She can run around if she wants to, she just prefers not to!

weightwatchingwaterwitch Tue 25-Jan-05 09:06:23

What about walking Moomin? Might she come on a longish walk with you if you were either going somewhere, i.e. there was something nice at the end of it or if it was a collecting walk, where you made a list of things to collect and then made a scrapbook of them at the end? This sometimes used to motivate my ds to come for a walk with us. (lol Aloha!)

LIZS Tue 25-Jan-05 09:19:22

Mine are similar. Give them any excuse to stay indoors and play. However it can still be imaginative and interactive in a physical way. ds spends up to 1 1/4 rushing around outside at school anyway, in addition to any gym or swimming during the day. dd is more difficult but will often scooter to meet ds at the bus stop or we go to a playground on route. I'm not sure that 1 hour 1/4 is necessarily realistic for under 5's anyway, especially given that those children shown only managed 14 minutes on average per day.

Moomin don't worry overly. If she is pressured then that may switch her off from sport and activity later on when imho it is more important - bouncing and dancing are great exercise too - and I feel energy is better spent encouraging the things they do enjoy.

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