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Does anyone else sometimes find mumsnet terrifying? While trying to find out how normal my dd is...

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EBenes Sat 07-Jun-08 23:09:54

I did a search for 18 mo, to see what sort of things I should be doing with my dd and for my dd, and also what sort of stages she should be at and have come away white with fear.

First of all there are people agreeing that their children talked in TWELVE word sentences at 18 mo. TWELVE! I've counted on my fingers, that's like, 'Mummy, I went to the park today and picked some white daisies.' Just daisies is just 11! Then there are posts where people are painting and clay modelling and glueing with their 18 mos. Mine has just about learned to hold a crayon, if I introduce her to paint she's just going to stick her hand in it. Or eat it. In fact, she eats the crayons.

Rationally, I suppose this site is going to attract the entire spectrum of abilities, so the top are going to be here as well as wherever my dd finds herself. But it really is scary.

Kewcumber Mon 09-Jun-08 09:32:40

thats quite advanced, At 19 months I think DS had only got as far as "addn addan addn"

Smithagain Mon 09-Jun-08 10:21:49

LOL. Reminds me of the mum I saw on telly who was so proud because her six month old could say daddy's name. Daddy's name was Abu ...

Kindersurprise Mon 09-Jun-08 11:35:34

at Kewcumber's correction

lazymumofteenagesons Mon 09-Jun-08 21:53:41

I don't know about all this painting and sticking at mother and toddler groups. It must have changed since I was there. I thought they were invented so you could sit on a chair at the edge of the room and fall asleep while your toddler achieved highly precocious milestones in the middle of the room on their own!

tori32 Mon 09-Jun-08 22:01:19

Don't be scared, they all learn at different rates. Mine happens to be towards the forward end but not because I treat her like mini einstien! grin I CM so I did with her all the things I did with older children. This did include sticking, painting with hands and brush but only marks on a page, lots of help etc. Any child over 1 can have a go under close supervision, but its not a parental duty. They will have plenty of opportunity for this at creche/pre-school. smile

tori32 Mon 09-Jun-08 22:03:15

LOL! I went to Mother and Toddler 3 wks ago and had my 8wk old doing foot painting. Obviously she was totally compliant (and unresponsive because she was asleep!grin).

sweetkitty Mon 09-Jun-08 22:05:10

DD1 hardly said anything at 18 months at 3 she hardly came up for breathe, we cannot shut her up.

DD2 who is 18 months younger than DD1 thinks she is DD1's twin and anything DD1 does she has to do. She was speaking in sentences really quickly, she drew a face at 2.2yo without ever being taught (benign neglect of second borns), she is already beginning to write letters all because DD1 has started to. I don't know if she is genuinely intelligent or is just very good at copying her sister.

DD2 also does all the crafty things DD1 does, plays with older toys and "read" older books so I think that plays a part in it as well.

ConnorTraceptive Mon 09-Jun-08 22:09:14

My 3 year old has the creative ability of a newborn but the capacity to poo like a 36 year old man.

Honestly it sounds like someones dropping jacket potatoes into the toilet when he goes.

Monkeytrousers Mon 09-Jun-08 22:11:22


EBenes Mon 09-Jun-08 22:31:14

LOL! This thread has been a joy, thank you to everyone for being so kind. Now that the weather is nice, I think we are going to start painting. Well, I am.

Kewcumber Mon 09-Jun-08 23:16:28

connor- does he take a newspaper with him? Because that would be truly impressive.

GodzillasBumcheek Mon 09-Jun-08 23:29:00

DD3 is nearly 18 months and her version of a two word sentence is "gone gone" (about her dinner. That's about it. Oh, and her counting is VERY advanced. She can count one (nnnn), two(dooo), three(neeeee), three, two, two, three. Great stuff. Absolutely normal. (I think....tell me it's normal?)

PInkyminkyohnooo Mon 09-Jun-08 23:29:43

You could do what I do in these situations and repeat to yourself 'it's a stage not an age'.smile

elfinblast Thu 12-Jun-08 23:00:35

My eldest is now 8. She was quite slow to talk in sentences. Now we don't count words, we just time her by the hour. grin

chuckeyegg Sun 22-Jun-08 08:55:43

I really enjoyed reading this thread I have been desperately trying to find someone with a child like mine. Thank you for putting it all in persceptive.


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