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how long does separation anxiety last ?

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poppy2133 Fri 21-Jan-05 19:17:43

my 9 month old is suffering what i think is separation anxiety - I can not even walk a few steps away from him without his screaming till I come back. How long does this last for ?

blush00 Fri 21-Jan-05 19:21:10

In the case of my ds - until he was 10 . Now he's a teenager he won't come near me - that's even worse!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Fri 21-Jan-05 19:44:56

probably just a few months. The DTs are doing it at the moment and it's rather wearing. Didn't last too long with my other darlings. Was really glad when it was over and I could give them to DH to deal with whilst I escaped.

LIZS Fri 21-Jan-05 19:49:28

Er, I think we still get it - started at 5 months and only occasionally it rears its head - dd is 3 and still cannot always overcome it. Life is much better than it was -s he goes to playgroup 3 times a week and playdates on her own or with ds. Last example was at a Ballet class, she wouldn't enter the studio even though she could see the mummies through a glass window and her best friend was there too. She starts school in September and is so keen so hope she will be able to finally get over it before then.

Frizbe Fri 21-Jan-05 20:25:44

started about 9mths and is still continuing, (14mths)unless distracted by something entirely new! (ie sneaking mums handbag off the door handle and emptying and testing all contents....

mummylonglegs Fri 21-Jan-05 20:59:58

It comes and goes in my experience. Dd didn't have much of it until after 1 year old then she had a bit, then it went away, then just before her 2nd birthday she had a major 'mummy-can't-go-anywhere-or-do-anything-without-me' mode which was extremely wearing. She's calmed down a bit now at 2.3 but if she's a bit tired or vulnerable she gets clingy again.

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