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what's your toddler's favourite fictional character ... and WHY???

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mummylonglegs Fri 21-Jan-05 12:53:23

I keep thinking about this. Dd's 2.3 and is totally obsessed with Big Ears as in the little chubby fellow with white beard who befriends Noddy. She's now also developed a thing for Father Christmas.

It's really sweet that she talks about them all the time and seems to really adore these white-bearded jolly gents but I keep wondering why them? And partly I wonder if it's because dd doesn't have any grandfathers (both dead). Or if I'm transmitting some of my great affection for my father (white bearded old gent that he was) although she's never seen a photo of him.

Anyway just wondered if any of you had pondered these likes and dislikes of our rational / irrational little angels ...

vala Fri 21-Jan-05 13:04:50

ATM DS (2y6m) is really into Titch. (Tiny Living 7:15am)
I don’t think he has any associative reasons for this.
He doesn’t have older brothers or sister, (nor younger ones for that matter. OC). And I most certainly hope that he doesn’t identify with the child in anyway because I often think that Social Services need to be informed about him. No one ever seems to look after the poor little chap .

mummylonglegs Fri 21-Jan-05 13:19:23

I've never seen Titch. Does he talk about him ALL the time? Whenever dd's doing something she says to me 'Big Ears says ...' and I have to end the sentence in a B.E. voice. This can go on and on. Weirder still she won't let dp 'be' B.E. only me. Hmmm ... wonder what she's trying to tell me. Maybe it's time to invest in some facial wax.

vala Fri 21-Jan-05 13:28:21

No, he doesn’t talk about him all the time, but will make reference to him (Titch) if he (DS) does something that Titch did recently.
“I did ….. like Titch today”, sort of thing.
He’s absolutely gobsmacked if he sees Titch doing something naughty and goes on and on about it for days!! Last one was when Titch picked up his Daddy’s saw and tried to saw a piece of wood in half. DS found this outrageously naughty.

Hulababy Fri 21-Jan-05 13:30:26

DD (2y9m) is very much into the Disney Princesses right now. Has been for a good few months. She has soft toy versions, little plastic versions, books, videos, outfits... I think she is aiming to be one when she grows up! I won Beauty and the Beast video on e-bay and it cam yesterday, so all morning we have had that on, singling the songs.

DD really got into FC this year too.

Hausfrau Fri 21-Jan-05 13:52:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hausfrau Fri 21-Jan-05 13:52:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

collision Fri 21-Jan-05 13:56:04

ds, 2.9 yrs, loves Noddy & partic the naughty goblins! He is constantly in character which means he thinks he can get away with goblin behaviour!! He loves roleplay and the madeup stories I tell him are usually acted out the next day!

NotQuiteCockney Fri 21-Jan-05 14:02:16

DS1 is generally Zot, from an old American comic book I've got. He's a hero, with space boots and a laser gun, so the appeal is fairly clear. Everyone else in his life takes on roles from the comic book, from Peabody the butler (often me), to Jenny Weaver, the romantic interest (a boy at school, most of the time, sometimes a girl), to Vic, the best friend (his dad, mostly).

I'm getting a bit tired of it, but he loves it so much ...

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 14:04:31

max and ruby

cos its between bathtime and bedtime - get to sit on mummys knee for 30 mins with warm milk and jammies on

anything to do with rabbits too i guess

Fimbo Fri 21-Jan-05 14:07:18

My dd is 6.5 and still likes Fizz from the Tweenies because she's pink and girlie

polly28 Fri 21-Jan-05 14:14:26

ds loves tractor tom ,mainly because he loves the song that goes with it.He obviously loves any tractor or digger though.

welshmum Fri 21-Jan-05 14:20:56

I have to be Miss Hoolie quite often - especially when washing dd's face - encouragement given in bad Scottish accent, DH occasionally requested to be PC Plum (is she seeking more structure and discipline in her life?!) dd herself is very interested in being Princess Fiona from Shrek - although I haven't established if this is the ogre princess or the archetypal princess

marialuisa Fri 21-Jan-05 14:37:52

DD sees herself as Lola from the Lauren Child books...They do look quite similar and Lola's speech patterns (a mix of very long words and mispronunciations) are just like DD's. She also hasd her own superheroine persona, so lots of drawingas of her and her bf being superheroes.

6 months ago we had to call her charli, as in Charli from Hi-5, so not quite a fictional person, but near enough.

mummylonglegs Fri 21-Jan-05 14:40:27

These are great! Thanks. I love hearing about these weird little choices our toddler folk make. And isn't it bizarre how their worlds are so composed of fiction?!

Hey Fimbo, a friend of ours did the voice of Fizz for every episode. Maybe I should get her to call your little one!

I hope I'm never caught on covert camera being Big Ears ... I kind of expected identification with little princesses etc. but not with older men!

DecafArabica Fri 21-Jan-05 14:42:30

DS (4 in April) is the little mole in the Percy the Park Keeper books. He answers to Baby Mole, and I am called Mummy Mole.

Sponge Fri 21-Jan-05 14:51:14

Princess Aurora (because she has a pink dress).
Also Maggie - and dh and I have to be Hamilton and the Ferocious Beast. She asked for a Maggie outfit for Xmas but I couldn't find child sized orange wig and pith helmet!

God, I hate Max and Ruby - poor you nailpolish. NOt as bad a little bear though.

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 14:52:06

no way, little bear is unBEARable

maggie is great - dd shouts for hamilton in her sleep! hes such a nice character

mummylonglegs Fri 21-Jan-05 14:53:47

I don't know a lot of these - Max and Ruby? Little Bear? I guess they're not on terrestrial t.v.? We're in a tower block and can't get digital.

mummylonglegs Fri 21-Jan-05 14:53:48

I don't know a lot of these - Max and Ruby? Little Bear? I guess they're not on terrestrial t.v.? We're in a tower block and can't get digital.

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 14:54:10

nick jr.

mummylonglegs Fri 21-Jan-05 15:07:54


nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 15:09:20

its on nick jr

mummylonglegs Fri 21-Jan-05 16:57:32

Ah ... never heard of him. It.

Sponge Fri 21-Jan-05 16:58:25

satellite. kiddie arm of nickelodeon.

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