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Best teething remedy?

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firststeps Sun 01-Jun-08 09:58:22

DS2, 6 months been teething on and off for about 3 weeks. His gums are white and lumpy and I can see the outline of 3 teeth just below the gum surface. Bonjela and calgel not really doing anything, I was wondering about Ashton and Parson's teething powders - are they any good or is there anything better I could try?

BrownSuga Sun 01-Jun-08 10:00:08

teething powders are very good. Ds gets very excited when he sees the packet.

BrownSuga Sun 01-Jun-08 10:00:59

have also used the Boots natural teething powders, they're a good buy when you can get the 3 for 2 deals.

meep Sun 01-Jun-08 10:07:56

a friend of mine used Anbesol liquid when nothing else worked.

For my dd any type of teething powder gets her arms flapping and her mouth wide open like a little baby bird wanting more!!

Also found that cold wet face cloth to chew goes down well - though nothing seems as good as gnawing her hand!

glaskham Sun 01-Jun-08 10:15:31

i swear by anbesol too!!

num1mum Mon 31-May-10 20:12:06

jus incase allergy sufferers didnt know.some teething powders have lactose in!!my son lactose intolerant...bummer coz i know they work really well for other babies i have cared for

TubbyDuffs Mon 31-May-10 20:12:58

I use Nelsons teething powders and think they are wonderful!

missmoopy Mon 31-May-10 20:24:47

Chamomilla - homeopathic remedy can be bought from online homeopaths. It is a miracle. It really is.

num1mum Mon 31-May-10 20:33:01

yep after over 10yrs of looking after other peoples babies i did find nelsons teething crystals great..jus cant use em for my little man!..bloomin allergies

missmoopy Mon 31-May-10 20:34:18

cos of lactose? think homeopathic version is lactose free?

fizzyme Mon 31-May-10 20:36:32

I love teething powders, I used boots own - they usually have a 3 for 2 offer on, my sons loves them - and becuase theyre a natural remedy you can still use teething gel - paracetamol if necessary.

teaandcakeplease Mon 31-May-10 20:38:22

I used Nelson's Teetha sachets and Bonjela a lot with my 2 DCs. Someone raved about Anbesol to me and that working really well. But my DD didn't like it, but maybe worth a try for you?

num1mum Mon 31-May-10 20:39:21

nelsons one has it in,dunno bout holding ears a sign of teething?

MotherJack Mon 31-May-10 20:40:35

Ashton and Parsons (or Nelsons or Boots) were great for my son.

I also used to wet flannels, wring them out and freeze them and then give them him to chew on.

Teething's a crotchety nightmare. Good luck!

nagoo Mon 31-May-10 20:42:06

I swore by anbesol too. Don't put it in your pocket though. DH once numbed his groin due to a leaking bottle grin.

kiwikid Mon 31-May-10 20:44:20

teething powders are good. we also use Amber beads for DS2 and seem to work as he fusses more when he's not wearing them, a google search will give you more info smile

LoveMyGirls Mon 31-May-10 20:45:31

Symptoms - red cheeks, pulling ears, nappy rash, dribbling, runny nose, chewing everything they get their hands on.

I have found ashtons, nurofen (when very very bad) helps as does chewing cold things.

Also repeat in your head "it's only a phase it's only a phase"

num1mum Mon 31-May-10 20:46:41

amber beads..sounds interesting

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