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Toy for DS's 3rd birthday

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thehouseofmirth Sat 31-May-08 22:03:09

DS's birthday is next month and I'm stumped for a present. DS is currently vehicle and ball obsessed. He has a balance bike and godless-mother is giving him a scooter. He says he'd like a pogo stick and skateboard but obviously he's too little for those. He has far too much already and I don't want to end up buying something for the sake of it. He is incredibly imaginative; maybe I should just give him some cardboard boxes, but I am just wondering if there is some classic essential that I haven't thought of. What do 3 year old boys like? i.e what is he likely to grow into over the next 6 months?

bodiddly Sat 31-May-08 22:04:36

How about a basketball post? ... you can get them can extend as they get taller!

Washersaurus Sat 31-May-08 22:07:25

A wooden train set is good because it can be expanded over time, or does he already have one?

Hmm, other than that I don't know grin, DS1 is 3yo in July too and I haven't got a clue what to get him!

He does love the play kitchen at the moment, and the little tikes car for the garden that we were given by a freecycler.

tassisssss Sat 31-May-08 22:09:00

was going to suggest scooter!

does he have a bike? or is that too like scooter? paddling pool? sand pit? slide? football goals? tunnel and tent set? duplo? dressing up stuff?

bodiddly Sat 31-May-08 22:15:08

we got my ds a playmobil pirate ship for his third birthday this year with the view that it would last him for years ... and he loves it!

bellavita Sat 31-May-08 22:16:39

We still have the wooden trainset - the DS's still get it out.

thehouseofmirth Sat 31-May-08 22:29:08

Gosh I feel like a terribly indulgent mum now I have to admit to the fact he already has a play kitchen, wooden train set, paddling pool and sand pit. Thank goodness our garden is Liiliputian or we'd probably also have a slide and swing and goodness knows what else...I think the trouble is I'd like to buy him something classic and worthy and all he really wants is plastic cr@p.

Playmobil is a good idea though and certainly fulfills the imaginative brief. I thought I might also make him a puppet theatre, the kind that hang in the doorway.

Washersaurus if your DS doesn't have a wooden balance bike I can thoroughly recommend them. DS had one for his last birthday and was barely tall enough to use it then but has played with it all year and it should keep him going until he's big enough for a proper bike.

Squirdle Sat 31-May-08 22:29:11

Another vote for playmobil. We got DS3 the farm for his 3rd birthday and he never stops playing with it...even 6 months on.

thehouseofmirth Sat 31-May-08 22:32:41

Cheers Squirdle, that's exactly the kind of advice I was hoping to hear!

BTW is anyone else's 3yo DS totally obsessed with "rescuing" people? (with my DS this scenario also heavily features ropes...)

Washersaurus Sat 31-May-08 22:40:27

Haha, now well you see we have the wooden trainset and garage/car park, the play kitchen etc AND a garden filled with plastic stuff...2 slides, a rocker, a swing, a playhouse, a car, a trike, a wheelbarrow, play tents blush.

I did consider one of those balance bikes but not sure when he would really get to use it, and DH has emphasised that he WILL NOT allow any more toys in the shedgrin

Desiderata Sat 31-May-08 22:42:55

Does he have Brio bricks?

My ds plays with them all the time. You can get a good, substantial box in Woolies for under a tenner.

Washersaurus Sat 31-May-08 22:45:54

We also have wooden bricks and a pirate ship.... I don't think my DS1 needs anything for his birthday. Maybe I'll get him some new jigsaws, he will be well chuffed.

Most of our stuff is from freecycle or gifts from family btw - we aren't loaded grin

ChasingSquirrels Sat 31-May-08 22:46:41

Just get him a toy vehicle - he is 3, he will be getting things from other people, you don't want more Stuff and he will be happy with just unwrapping a samll thing amongst the others.

Squirdle Sun 01-Jun-08 10:15:16

See that is where playmobil is so versatile! It doesn't just have to be a farm, we have Christmas going on in there atm and all the farm people go off in the aeroplane to the beach (I have a 5 yr old too) If he likes rescuing you could get him a playmobil fire engine and see if other people want to get small bits to go with it. It'll last him for years. My twin nephews have had it since they were 3 and now are nearly 8 and still love it (and even my 14 yr old will play with it...with his brothers of course wink)

There aren't that many toys out there which give years of play value except maybe lego...DS1 has just passed bucket loads of the stuff down to DS2!

The reason we got DS3 the farm was because a farm was something we wanted to get and the wooden ones just didn't seem like they would grab his attention for as long as the PM one...and because I went all ga ga over the animals etc grin

glaskham Sun 01-Jun-08 10:17:01

ds got a wooden train set on a table thingy for his 3rd birthday, loves it!! dont think a day has passed without playing on it in over 6mths!!

Squirdle Sun 01-Jun-08 10:17:02

In your original post you mentioned cardboard boxes. You can get them in the shape of a rocket or other things (someone else will know better than me) They are a bit pricey imo but I know my 2 would love them!

Squirdle Sun 01-Jun-08 10:21:01

DS3's fave toys are playmobil, cars and car mat (car mat also acts as a rug for the playroom), Thunderbirds rockets (but my 2 are obsessed with Thunderbirds and DH got big ones from t'internet) and playing imaginary games with his brother. This week we have had the pop up tent out in the lounge all week and he has been doing tons of puzzles.

You could get him a 5 yr old brother grin My 2 never get bored!!

Smee Sun 01-Jun-08 20:19:08

Howabout dressing up stuff? I had loads of fun putting together a treasure chest full of things from a builder hat to fairy wings for DS's 3rd birthday. Didn't cost a lot, as I got things second hand, from friends, masks from party shops, etc. All his friends love it too. It's the first thing they go to when they come round and he's now 4.

2HotCrossBunnies Sun 01-Jun-08 20:31:46

My DS1 has just turned 3 and we have almost (!) everything from ELC in our house shockHis favourite things have been football related - he loves the pop up goal and my dad got him an England football shirt with his name on the back. As he's just learning his letters and can recognise his name, this thrilled him! The other thing he loves is the electric piano and stool (his is from Agros) - awful for our ears but he loves it - as does his 13mo old brother! Umm what else - agree about the wooden trains, he was also delighted with some animals for his farm. We got him the pirate ship from ELC (the wooden one) which he's pleased with. I'm hoping that it's a "grower".
Good luck choosing!

Laney73 Fri 18-Jul-08 17:51:48

Hi, looking for some help here. Have promised my 4 year the pirate ship sandpit from GLTC for his birthday next month. Just went on to order it and it is no longer available. Has anyone any ideas where to get one similar or buy one second hand. Would really appreciate any help as I am too scared to tell my son!. Thanks (sad)

Anna8888 Fri 18-Jul-08 17:53:49

My DD got a bicycle for her third birthday (with stabilisers).

Laney73 Fri 18-Jul-08 17:57:12

Hi seemed to have joined someone elses thread by mistake sorry new to this!

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