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Late talker at 24 months

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alwayssaythanku Mon 17-Jan-05 22:25:55

hey everyone, i am new here and this is my first post.

My ds just turned two and i need some advice. He isnt really talking, just babbling. He has three words, mamma, no and bye bye. I have him slated for a speech therapist soon as I have been researching this and apparently the sooner the better. He was a late walker too, didnt walk till 19 months. Mind you he is very big (43 pounds).Might have slowed him down.

My question to you is am i being hyper vigilant and worrying too much? I compare him to other kids who are talking up a storm. What did your toddlers at the age of two say? I am really quite worried. I personally am a non-stop talker and I assumed my ds would be the same. !

many thanks for listening

Jimjams Mon 17-Jan-05 22:31:30

There's another thread on this at the moment. Don't worry about speech- if he's communicating in other ways, pointing, waving bye bye etc then his language development is fine- and at 24 momths its still language you worry about rather than speech.

piffle Mon 17-Jan-05 22:32:24

Firstly welcome to the madhouse

My dd is now 27 mths and is/was a late talker, and walker (26 mths)she was referred for SALT (Speech and Lang therapy)
your hv will refer you I expect, mine did, we found it helpful but were chuffed to find that dd is not actually that far off and will catch up quickly.
my dd has only just started saying No, but she has been able to say beer and bra for ages, she can also say marmite and has a perfect "th" sound!
They all range SOO much, my first ds now 10 was a prolific early talker, to be honest this time, I'm pleased with the peace and quiet
But seriously you will have to wait between 3-6 mths for a referral to come through, but if he picks it up in the meantime no harm done, it's nice to be reassured too...
You will GET tons of advice here

alwayssaythanku Mon 17-Jan-05 22:38:11

Wow, thanks for all the info. What is the difference between speech and language? Ok, speech obviously is pronunciation but its catch 22, if he has no language, he has no speech, if you get my drift. Also, can anyone tell me if speech therapy in the U.K. is group oriented or 1 to 1. Maybe I should go private. Many thanks for listening.

piffle Mon 17-Jan-05 22:45:55

speech therapy for us was one to one initially we were then referred to a special playgroup so the therapists and physios who ran it could see children in a more natural setting and evaluate them more fairly.
However we still see our SALT one to one.
Also re speech and lang
remember non verbal communication is language, the pointing, shaking of heads, facial expressions, walking away, all of that, babies from birth get you to feed, change and nurture them, they are the masters at non verbal communication!
Plus what they understand versus what they can say...

Jimjams Tue 18-Jan-05 13:16:01

By language I mean non verbal communication and abiloity to understand/follow simple instructions etc. . My 5 year old doesn't speak and ds2 didn't talk until he was 2, however ds2 had plenty of language for as long as I could remember (it was always age appropriate) and could communicate very well without speech (so I never worried about him). DS1 has some limited langauge but not much- and that's far more of a problem than his lack of speech.

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