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Long term sleep problem - nearly 6 yr old

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Pastarito Mon 17-Jan-05 13:00:48

My ds1 is nearly 6 and still does not go through the night without waking up at least once and waking me up because he is too anxious to get himself back to sleep again on his own.

I don't know any more if this is simply a sleep habit or if there is something else wrong. He is in Yr1 at school and for the first time since he started nursery at 3, he is having a tough time. His writing isn't very good and it seems to be holding him back. Socially, he isn't getting on as well with the other children as he used to.

As a baby he was hyper and I didn't sleep more than 3 hrs in a row for about 18 mths - maybe more, as although he is a poor sleeper now, he used to be horrendous! I used to think he might be ADHD but his behaviour has always seemed to be ok in class and outside of the home in general, so I thought that maybe I was exaggerating it in my mind a bit. His behaviour at home is also now a lot better, but his concentration at school seems to be going down hill a bit.

I have tried Ferbrer techniques and they work for a limited period. Bribery also works for a few days but I can't seem to correct the sleep patterns long term. So if ds1 really wants to, he can help himself, but it is short lived.

I really can't stand the thought of going through another few years of not sleeping properly.

Does anyone have any advice about this. My ds2 is 2 yrs old, a lot calmer and sleeps 10-11 hrs solid every night, and I am not parenting him differently (I don't think).

starlover Mon 17-Jan-05 20:14:48

maybe it is just habit? if bribery works then, as you say, he CAN help himself if he wants to.

I'm afraid I don't have any ACTUAL advice, other than locking your bedroom door?????

Pastarito Mon 17-Jan-05 20:54:01

If I do that he screams the place down and wakes his brother up (and half the neighbourhood). Although I know I should stand firm, I really can't stand it when ds2 wakes up as well, as although he is a good sleeper, if he gets woken up for any reason in the night, he will then stay awake for hours.

Along the same lines might try the rope trick thing from Christopher Greenn (if I can find out more about it), although I would be worried about that sparking off a similar reaction maybe.

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