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How often is it ok to give calpol for teething????

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didsnbump Sat 10-May-08 19:37:13

My ds is 17 weeks old, and im pretty sure he is teething as he is getting very upset at times especially when tired and is chewing anything possible, even his dummy at the side of his mouth.

After alot of crying last night at bed time i gave him some calpol, and after a very upset day today, i gave him some calpol again as i got him ready for bed, and thankfully he has gone off to sleep with out much trouble at all.

Am i ok to give him calpol at bedtime and poss earlier in the day aswell while he is getting like this????

nickytwotimes Sat 10-May-08 19:40:30

You have to leave 4 hours between doses.
You can give a maximum of 4 doses in 24 hours.
Have you tried baby ibuprofen, btw? I find it better for teething, although it has to be given after some food (or milk in this case!) Can't remember what age you can use it from.
If your lo is suffering, don't be afraid to give pain relief (imho)

DarthVader Sat 10-May-08 19:41:55

Fine to give painkillers up to max dose on bottle

cocolepew Sat 10-May-08 19:43:56

Agree with nicky2x's about ibruprofen being better, sometimes, for teething.

I'm not stalking you, btw, nicky!

didsnbump Sat 10-May-08 19:45:23

I know that the bottle says u can give it every 4 hours and that but what if this goes on for a while, i just worry he will get used to having it if u know what i mean.

How long does this kind of teething pain go on for??

nickytwotimes Sat 10-May-08 19:45:44

LOL coco.
We obviously just have good taste in threads?

cocolepew Sat 10-May-08 19:47:56

Have you tried rubbing Bongela or similar in the gums, as well?

tori32 Sat 10-May-08 19:50:05

every 4-6hours, if you give the full dose for age then no more than 4 doses in 24hours. You can split the dose in half and give 3hourly.
You can give staggered doses of baby neurofen/brufen 6-8hourly and no more than 3 doses in 24hours, as well as calpol/medised(medised is better than calpol for night time)HTHsmile
While teeth are cutting it is better to give medication regularly to keep on top of the pain, until it has cut through.

Blandmum Sat 10-May-08 19:50:34

max of 4 doses in 24 hours

nickytwotimes Sat 10-May-08 19:51:09

did, I think it says on the bottle to consult your gp or pharmacist if you are doing it for 7? days. This is more so that people do not give it without thinking - not something you could be accused of! afaik, you do not build up a resistance to the effects of these painkillers. It's not like codeine based ones. If you are worried, have a chat with your pharmacist.

As for how long, well, my ds had and still has periods of a week where his teeth hurt him, then he's fine for weeks. Have you been using Bonjela or anything else? I didn't find it much good, but some people do.

tori32 Sat 10-May-08 19:53:06

PS he won't get tolerant to the pain killers unless they are given for months on end iyswim. Paracetamol and ibuprofen only get full effects for pain relief after 24-48hours of taking them, thats why its best to give regular doses.

tori32 Sat 10-May-08 19:54:43

PPS Parsons teething powders are a herbal remedy which worked well for my dd1. You can get them at a chemist.

cocolepew Sat 10-May-08 19:57:10

this is the capol website. My GP told me, when dd1 was a baby, it was fine to give pain relief, for 7 days.

cocolepew Sat 10-May-08 19:58:25

Some local pharmacists will make their own teething mixtures, ask in yours. I used teething powders as well.

BerkshireBella Sat 10-May-08 19:58:45

Have you tried a teething gel like Bonjela? Probably safer and better for baby's health than daily doses of Calpol. Especially as teething pains come and go until they get their last teeth, somewhere around 2.5 years!

Dynamicnanny Sat 10-May-08 20:05:49

Have you tried teething powders - they arn't meidcated and you can also give them alongside calpol and baby ibuprofen.

didsnbump Sat 10-May-08 20:06:33

I have tried baby bonjela, but it doesnt do anything. Im sure he has licked it off my finger pretty much before i get to his gums!!

Am i right in thinking they can get teething pain months and months before they cut a tooth, or beings how upset he is getting could it be sooner than i think???

didsnbump Sat 10-May-08 20:08:15

No i havent tried teething powders, I dont live in the uk at the mo so picked up everything medical i could think of when home, and that wasnt something i saw anywhere!

cocolepew Sat 10-May-08 20:20:22

could you order online?

lizziemun Sat 10-May-08 20:30:43

Yes, it can and does take months for teeth to come through.

DD2 is 8mths and has been teething since about 9wkssad. And still all she only has two large lumps on her lower gum where teeth will appear one day (soon i hope).

I tend to find that her teeth bother her more as the day goes on. Can you get hold of any dummies/sothers which can go into the fridge so they are cold, i find they help a bit.

didsnbump Sat 10-May-08 20:47:37

Lizziemun, thats whats happening with my ds, he is fine until the afternoon and then its downhill from there!!!

Have tried a number of different things but as his hand eye co-ordination isnt that good he struggles to get them in his mouth properly, and when he does he cant keep it there!!!!!!!

Hogiabach Sat 10-May-08 21:22:54

My DS2 is 18 weeks and is sooo miserable with teething! I have some amber beads that i've put on him today - good research and reviews on them, and he does seem more settled....hope it lasts though!

wobbegong Sat 10-May-08 22:08:27

I'm quoting from my paediatrician's book here:

"Don't be afraid to give your baby regular doses of baby paracetamol such as Calpol if teething seems to be making him miserable- giving it to him every night for a couple of weeks to help him to sleep won't harm him if you keep to the recommended dose. And if Calpol cheers him up, it indicates that he was genuinely in pain".

I also swear by the anaesthetic gel Calgel, could you try again with the baby bongela?

jellybelly2007 Sat 10-May-08 22:30:00

Agree baby nurofen is better than calpol for pains. I found bonjela was no good, as it slid off DS gums, but liquid Anbesol is fab, it has anasthetic and antiseptic which numbs almost immediatly.
But my biggest find was homeopathic teething powders, either by Nelsons or boots own brand. I was also worried about over medicating, but these powders cut down meds by about 80 %. Chemist in boots told me that him and his DW called them 'miracle powders'!
They contain homeopathic Chamomilla which soothes baby, as well as helps with the pain.
Now when DS sees me open a packet he opens his mouth ready!
Good luck, and remember ..............This too shall pass!!smile

Meandmyjoe Sun 11-May-08 09:23:35

Agree with the powders, Ashton and Parsons ones are pretty good. You can get them from boots or any pharmacy. Calpol seems to do nothing for my ds, I think it's meant to be good at reducing temperatures though but ds doesn't get this with teething. We found the gels to be a bit useless too.

If calpol helps then give it to him when he seems in pain or grizzly as long as you stick to the dosage guidelines on the bottle. As long as you leave 4 hours between doses then he'll be fine.

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