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What do you do when 11 month old throws tantrums

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cads Wed 12-Jan-05 13:51:34


Help! DS is almost 11mnths old and has started throwing tantrums when things aren't going his way. What should I do? Do I just ignore him? How do they learn these things?

moondog Wed 12-Jan-05 14:11:02

Ignore them if trivial,attend to if important.

(Only job you have now is deciding which is which )

lockets Wed 12-Jan-05 14:15:10

Message withdrawn

ourdarling Wed 12-Jan-05 14:39:23

And this is only the beginning!

Best way is to leave the room for a few moments (if triv) and longer as he gets older.

When he's calm, give him a big cuddle and when he's older give him a cuddle and ask what is bothering him.

colditzmum Wed 12-Jan-05 14:42:49

What did I do? Laughed until the tears ran down my face. Not standerd parenting oracyice though.

colditzmum Wed 12-Jan-05 14:43:23

Practice, I meant.

mummylonglegs Wed 12-Jan-05 15:59:02

I can't imagine an 11 month old tantrum? What does he do?

WigWamBam Wed 12-Jan-05 16:12:45

Ignore it - try not to even react to it. Walking out of the room is good, if he's safe - if the audience walks out, there's no point in him continuing his performance!

dot1 Wed 12-Jan-05 16:12:50

Our 9 month old ds2 has a real temper on him (completely unlike ds1 who would just cry at the same age). If his older brother takes one of his toys away he roars at him and gets really cross..! Have to admit we find it quite funny on one level, but scary on another - there's trouble ahead when he's bigger...!

vicdubya Wed 12-Jan-05 21:24:34

Yes mmm my nearly 10 month old can do mini tantrums already too...

He does a really interesting throwing himself backwards move whilst screeching in rage.

Usually cos I won;t let him watch the taps running / rip up my latest book or magazine / climb the stairs etc etc

I'm hoping by 2 he will be the most reasonable tot..

Gwenick Wed 12-Jan-05 21:37:11

tell me about it - DS2 started at 10 months - as soon as he started walking. He throws toys, bangs doors, stamps his feet, screams, throws himself on the floor and 'stomps' off at ANYTHING he doesn't like.........just like his brother did when he was in the 'terrible' twos.........only problem is DS is only 13 months LOL

kinderbob Wed 12-Jan-05 22:44:22

I am a firm believer in the "boring cuddle" no words just a tight hug when you see the signs.

Then if it's a genuine need for attention I have been there physically for ds, if not it's also an active way of ignoring his behaviour.

I don't like leaving the room. How would I feel if I was upset at something and my dh left the room whilst I was trying to explain it to him?

I don't like distraction - it's too much like trying to fix the problem. And sometimes the problem is impossible to even spot, let alone fix.

I just like a big hug with no frills, and then ds clambers down in his own time and either works on the frustration (climbs up the slide again, tries the puzzle piece again) or goes to do something else.

Now he will start to look frustrated and maybe pick up a toy and look as if he is going to throw it down, then he stops and then calmly places it on the floor and comes over and give me a cuddle.

My friend uses this technique and her son is the most chilled little boy I have ever seen.

cads Fri 14-Jan-05 10:49:30

Hi Everyone

Thanks for the advice. Will continue to ignore tantrums. Hate to think what he will be like when he is two.

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