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Screams when it's time to go

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hayleylou Wed 12-Jan-05 08:54:49

My ds is 2 and has been going to nursery for a year and has been going fine with no problems what so ever Since last week when we have said to him put your coat on it's time for school he changes completly screaming but obce we have left him at nursery he is fine, we have asked nursery if there are any problem and they have said no dh has always taken him on his way to work.

Nothing has changed at home routeine etc. At the same time as this all starting he has been playing up going to bed....

Any ideas what might of happned to get him like this. Or is this a stage they go through??

Chandra Wed 12-Jan-05 09:01:34

I would think that is a phase. DS went through one when he was about 18m, he didn't want to come home after the nursery... Forget about the screaming, once outside he went back and banged the door asking to be let in. Nothing different was happening at home nor at the nursery, he just started enjoying nursery so much. I wouldn't be surprised if that started some worries in the nursery staff. . A

nyways if his behaviour is normal once he is back home, I would wait for the problem to pass. If something was happening you would expect a change in his personality, but if he is his usual self... I would guess he is fine. HTH

Furball Wed 12-Jan-05 20:42:49

We found giving 5 minute warnings a fantastic help. So DH or I, with everything, just say "in 5 minutes we'll be doing such and such" works a treat, just lets them know whats going to happen, rather than "quick! get your shoes on it's time to go"

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