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Birthday present ideas for a 2 year old boy needed!!

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Thankyouandgoodnight Wed 30-Apr-08 12:54:19

What is yours in to???

BlueberryPancake Wed 30-Apr-08 12:59:44

at two, he loved (and still does) Little People toys (at the farm and at the zoo). He loves his train set, and his tea set.

amidaiwish Wed 30-Apr-08 13:48:19

how much do you want to spend?

Toothyboy Wed 30-Apr-08 13:55:22

Cars, dustbin lorries, fire engines. Carpark/garage if you want to spend a bit more. Road mat. You get the general idea here?!

MerryMarigold Wed 30-Apr-08 14:00:31

I posted this exact thread 6 months ago. I ended up getting him a blackboard (off ebay). It's been really successful. Other favourites were megablocks, a shape puzzle and playdough barbershop as well as 4 small, squashy dog toy balls from the pound shop! Also an all in one waterproof for going puddle jumping.

Thankyouandgoodnight Wed 30-Apr-08 19:57:01

Thank you for your replies. It needs to be postable and also the family (4 kids) are moving house in about 6 weeks so I'm keen not to overload bearing in mind the amount of 'stuff' they will need to move. The balls may be an idea - do you mean squashy like bean bag juggling balls??

Margoletta Wed 30-Apr-08 20:41:26

Aquadraw?- there is a travel one that is nice and light for posting, and portable too- good for visiting friends, restaurants etc.

amidaiwish Wed 30-Apr-08 20:44:56

something like this to decorate his new room?

or a wallhanging abc caterpillar?

jigsaw - my 2 year old has this and can manage it with a bit of help from DD1 (4) activity jigsaw

or i would also recommend a car mat, tomy aqua draw? if you want to spend a little, the aqua draw mats are really popular in my house and cost about £5-7 a set.

MorocconOil Wed 30-Apr-08 20:46:07

There's a really nice Thomas the tank engine bath toy by Tomy. My DC have all loved it.

Umlellala Wed 30-Apr-08 20:58:03

little cooker (we got a gorgeous, compact but pretty expensive one - from nanna) and/or lots of little pans, bun tins and little spoons etc to cook with - try the pound shops. dd adores her cooking stuff and cooks while i do washing up or cook dinner (we collect corks and milk carton tops and things too for her to stir.)

you don't have to get a 'real' cooker (although dd does love hers), she used our veg trolley as an oven before she got it! smile

ten10 Wed 30-Apr-08 21:01:23

I bought my friends son a rucksack for his 2nd birthday with Thomas the Tank Engine on (his favourite character) and he loved it , put lots of toys in it and carried it everywhere, still does and is nearly four.
the best thing was that it cost me about £3 in Sainsbury's
(and you said something portable)

MuffinMclay Wed 30-Apr-08 21:23:06

Cars, cars, more cars. Matchbox ones (other ones fall apart within minutes). You can't have too many.

Also, even if he isn't into Bob the Builder, the Bob toys are fab and hugely popular. Things like this. Ds1 spends hours playing with them.

bergentulip Wed 30-Apr-08 21:37:44

BIG FLOOR PUZZLES (mine loved them)- 15-20piece etc.... of fire engines, tractors etc..
BIG PENS AND PENCILS, and big paper to go with them

1066andallthat Wed 30-Apr-08 22:31:30

Paddling pool
Dressing up stuff
Plastic food
Anything noisy - acceptable if you can remove the batteries wink.

ouryve Wed 30-Apr-08 23:27:56

DS2 is turning 2 this weekend and is getting fridge phonics (yes, he's into that stuff) and probably his own version of a megasketcher, since big bruv won't share.

Big bruv got sticklebricks for his 2nd birthday. He's almost 4.5 and still plays with them almost every day.

GiftTeller Mon 03-Aug-09 12:11:51

I wrote a big blog post with ideas for a present for 2 year old if anyone is interested in checking it out.

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