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head shaking baby - normal or odd?!

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Kerri28 Sat 26-Apr-08 19:59:47

hello, my dd is 8mo. Alert, intelligent, mobile little girl who has recently started head shaking, like when you are saying no. She does it about 10-15 times a day, at no particular time, and for no apparent reason. Is this just a developmental stage, something she has learnt to do, like waving (they both started around the same time)

Could it be that something is bothering her, like an itch?

or should i be concerned?! it certanly looks a bit odd, hence the post!


sarah293 Sat 26-Apr-08 20:01:09

Message withdrawn

Kerri28 Sat 26-Apr-08 20:03:19

she is alert and aware, she sometimes laughs whilst she does it - i think she might have hayfever hence wondering if she's itchy, but she also follows the dog around everyhere, and the dog does this, so she could be copying the dog hmm?

I was hoping hundreds of people would rush onto this link and say their dc do it too!! smile

SpecialOffer Sat 26-Apr-08 20:03:24

My son loves to shake his head, he now does it on command if I say no, no, no! He is 9mo! very funny, he is the onyl baby I know who does it.

meep Sat 26-Apr-08 20:03:47

My dd does this - it is now a bit of a game - I shake my head - she shakes her. She has now moved on to blinking grin!

WigWamBam Sat 26-Apr-08 20:05:13

Normal. She has discovered that she can make herself feel odd when she does it, and that it makes her eyes do odd things. She likes the feeling, so she does it over and over again.

It will last until she finds something else to turn into an obsession smile

SpecialOffer Sat 26-Apr-08 20:05:16

The only problem is if he is doing something naughty (most of the time) and i say no, he shakes his head and laughs and just carries on hmm

Littleface Sat 26-Apr-08 20:06:30

Ds did this for a while at the same age.He's 20months now and fine. I think he just liked the way the world looked!

Kerri28 Sat 26-Apr-08 20:08:33

oh here are the rush of people with head-shaky babies!! hoorah, thanks guys, i am pleased she's not a little nutter grin

K999 Sat 26-Apr-08 20:09:33

Dd2 does this quite a lot!! She seems to like it...I think she is getting used to what her body can do....perfectly normal imo! smile

mimismummy Sat 26-Apr-08 20:11:42

dd2 (8mths) does this ALL THE TIME!! she loves in a smiles away when doing it. Have to admit to finding it quite cute, but have had the odd moments of worrying if this is normal. Guess it must be, though. Wish she wouldn't do it when trying to feed her her tea, though!!!!

loulou33 Sat 26-Apr-08 22:13:12

perfectly normal - it makes her head feel strange/dizzy etc and she probably enjoys this new sensation. bit like when you first learn to run in cirles til you get dizzy and fall over!! would only worry if she was not alert, happy during it and she was 'altered' before or after. sounds just like a new skill she's learnt and like others, imo, she'll do it til she finds something else to do!!

lackaDAISYcal Sat 26-Apr-08 22:17:09

My DD started doing this at about 9mo. Her latest variation, at 10.5mo) is rocking back and forwards in her high chair with her hands over her ears, whilst shouting "Ah"

I think they just like the dizzy feelings and the different noises they can hear.

She's also started lying down in the bath with the water over her ears as well as that definately sounds odd!

I asked the same thing on my PN thread and all the babies are doing it apparently!

HereComeTheGirls Sun 27-Apr-08 20:38:50

My DD (18 mos) STILL does it, but now she says "stop it, stop it" when she does it, as my mum keeps telling her to stop it (I ignore it)!!!

dairymoo Sun 27-Apr-08 21:00:02

One of my 8 mo DTs does this and seems to find it hilariously does her sister watching her. The other one rocks and rocks and rocks - preferably standing - but any position will do. Funny little things...

Meandmyjoe Mon 28-Apr-08 06:47:27

My ds is 8 months and he does it when i say 'boogey boogey boogey', it's cute cos he looks like he's dancing or bopping at least! He also for no reason whilst he's shouting and babbling and i must admit I wondered if it was normal! I think he likes the fact that it changes the sound of his voice and makes it go up and down if you see what I mean. he does do it a lot though hmm

MelissaM Mon 28-Apr-08 14:52:22

My dd does this too. She's 9 1/2 mths and has been doing it for at least a couple of months but is definitely happy when doing it. Is very annoying when trying to feed her and particularly when she is trying to feed herself and has clean hair! hmm

sajaruss Sun 12-Jul-09 19:01:57

I'm adding to the list of people saying 'my daughter does this too'! I just logged on to find out if it was normal or I had a freaky babe! She seems to love doing it though, and often does it with a great bungee of drool swinging from side to side - nice!

ilovesprouts Sun 12-Jul-09 19:16:08

my ds2 does this too smile

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