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Why crying when with grandma?

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Carlyandskyla Sat 08-Jan-05 12:30:51

Baby Skyla will 'go' to almost anyone for a cuddle, however, a month ago I went out for the day and left her with my mum. I think Skyla wasn't expecting this and she cried for a couple of hours before being OK with the situation. Now whenever my mum is here (about once a week for an afternoon) she becomes hysterical if she tries to hold her or even get near to her. Which is upsetting for us all. Should we have a break from grandma for a couple of weeks to see if Skyla forgets that day which obviously affected her or shall we try and build on the relationship by having grandma here more often? I think Skyla thinks that if Grandma is here... I wont be....

hercules Sat 08-Jan-05 12:35:23

Have grandma round far more often. We made sure that dd say her grandma lots and was used to her. It took some day as my mum could only come round once or twice a week but we worked on it. DD would go to no one else and it was quite wearing to say the least.
When my mum came round she ignored dd and wouldnt look at her for about half an hour before going near her. It worked and soon dd would go to her straightaway. at the time she wouldnt go to anyone else.
Persevere - it is worth it.

mishi1977 Sat 08-Jan-05 12:38:42

hi hun
my ds is exactly the same he will go and sit on a strangers knee but wont go anywhere near my mum...he has always cried etc when around her and he is now nearly 15mths..he now only sees my mum about once every 3 wqeeks which hasnt helped..he was eeing her a couple of times a week but she was getting upset by it.I have no idea why so no help im afraid but just to let u know ur not alone

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