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why crying when beginning of feed?

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Carlyandskyla Sat 08-Jan-05 12:18:43

Baby Skyla has adpted very well to her feeding routine and sleeeps for 12 hours at night (she is 3.5 months old). However at most of her feeds she is obviously hungrey but crys when I try to give her the bottle, pushes it away and generally makes such a fuss (which is difficult when we are not at home). Around half way she burps, cries for more and then cries when I try to give more to her. After a little while she accepts the bottle and guzzles very hard as though she was starving all along... so why cry when the bottle reaches her lips if she wants the food? I could understand it more if she has wind... but it happens at the start of the feed too... any ideas?

MistressMary Sat 08-Jan-05 13:16:07

Does she need a bigger teat size, maybe?

fostermum Sat 08-Jan-05 22:54:27

is her mouth sore?

mumofelise Sat 08-Jan-05 22:56:06

colic maybe?

biglips Sat 08-Jan-05 22:59:20

mine does it most of the time as i think its she forgets to close her mouth after screaming to suck on the bottle, so its normal.

tomkitty Sun 09-Jan-05 08:07:53

Possibly the milk is the wrong temperature? DD suddenly objected to chilled milk at about 3.5 months.

For us this was part of the beginning of generally fussy eating. Mainly I bf, but whichever way we do it she arches her back, cries out desperately, squirms, looks around a lot, doesn't like me to talk or do anything at all during feeding. 2 months later and it's still going on, so I think it's just the way it is going to be. The only hassle free meal is 6am bf.

biglips Mon 10-Jan-05 11:25:48

poss could be the milk temperature as some babies are fussy. but im gald mine is not as she only cries when she wants feeding and then she settles after she start sucking, also she arches her back when she is tired so i let her cry for couple of seconds and then calm her down and then shes ok.

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