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Baby haircuts

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kikidee Fri 07-Jan-05 21:12:06

I'm not sure if this is the correct topic for this question.....but here goes. My DS is 9 months old and his hair is becoming crazier by the day. He has quite a lot of it and it's developing a bit of a kink so it's all over the place no matter what I do. I think it should be cut but my mum says he's too young and I should wait until he's at least one. My DH is getting his hair cut tomorrow and could take DS. Do you think he's too young to have his hair cut?

Lonelymum Fri 07-Jan-05 21:14:38

Not if he needs it but beware that the hairdresser/barber will probably cut of three strands as baby writhes around unhelpfully, and then charge you £10. May be easier to just cut off the worst offending strands yourself. Don't worry that you can't cut hair, neither can the hairdresser when it is attached to a wriggling baby!

MrsBigD Fri 07-Jan-05 21:15:44

hi kikidee, that really depends on your ds I think. How would he react to a stranger wielding sharp instruments?

DD at that age (and actually now as well) wouldn't sit still long enough . We generally do her hair ourselves. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks... ah welll just very crooked . Thankfully she's got my hair and it grows very fast so 'cutting sins' grow out very quickly.

We did shave her hair at 6 months though as it was high summer, baking hot and she had very bad cradle cap, so out came the clippers and a no. 1. Which she actually liked... I think it's the vibrations

ladymuck Fri 07-Jan-05 21:16:02

Nothing magical about waiting for 1. If it is out of control then get it cut. If you get him used to it now it is easier later (I hope!). Ds2 certainly had had a haircut by this age.

kikidee Fri 07-Jan-05 21:20:37

My very first MN post and 3 replies already! Thanks for your advice. He's quite a sociable soul so I think he would actually quite enjoy the hairdressers. I just don't feel very confident about doing it myself and kind of hoping that they won't charge for him as DH is having his hair cut. Think I'll go for it!

Lonelymum Fri 07-Jan-05 21:24:45

Maybe they won't charge, but the first time I had dd's hair cut, it was when I was having mine done too and they charged me £8 for about five snips as dd wouldn't keep still. Good luck with it and welcome to Mumsnet.

eidsvold Sat 08-Jan-05 05:10:46

if he needs it get it done - our lovely local hairdresser did not charge for dd's first haircut - as it was her first - you might get lucky and they do the same.

kinderbob Sat 08-Jan-05 06:57:10

DS has his "mad hair" cut at 10 months. Hairdresser did not charge as first cut, and even got an envelope with locks of hair and a certificate.

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