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fee77 Fri 07-Jan-05 15:28:35

Apologies if you have answered this thread elsewhere - i just posted i think but can't find it now!!
DD (14mths) loves stairs. She easily climbs up, pausing to watch tv if the door is open! And i am about to teach her to come down. How do i do it? I thought backwards, but Dh seems to think she should come down on her bottom. Who's right? It's usually me!!!!!

Laylasmum Fri 07-Jan-05 15:30:44

we taught dd to come down backwards on her front. going down on bum a bit scary for me in case they leant too far forward!!

crunchie Fri 07-Jan-05 15:31:45

I say on their tummies!! My dds learnt this way and climbed stairs happily from 8 months. Also on their bottoms means they have to turn around if they are 1/2 way up and imagine ladders in a playground!! What if they came down forwards!!

You are right as usual

PicadillyCircus Fri 07-Jan-05 15:34:10

I'd also say backwards (having a 13.5 month old son who is starting to climb upwards with great skill).

How do you teach them to go backwards by the way? .

Twiglett Fri 07-Jan-05 15:36:40

backwards on their tums .. they work out bums for themselves

Twiglett Fri 07-Jan-05 15:37:15

make sure you're lower than them and just guide them down

PicadillyCircus Fri 07-Jan-05 15:47:57

I think DS needs some training. And suppose I need to stop always carrying him down. Why is it that as soon as you feel settled you realise there's something else you need to do (applies to all situations not just babies really)

crunchie Fri 07-Jan-05 15:56:21

I have to say (sorry some of you) as soon as my babies could crawl and they could go up the stairs, I taught them to come down safely.

DD1 learnt to climb stairs one at a time so she used to go up one, down one, up two, down two etc. She was always careful.

DD2 learnt to climb stairs a week after she started to crawl. I went out DH didn't realise she'd gone until - bump bump bump scream!! She soon learnt ;)

Sorry if this isn't the norm, but I didn't like baby gates and my MIL didn't have one, so it was easier. They very quickly getteh hang of it, I think it took one day.

Surfermum Fri 07-Jan-05 20:44:49

DD (19m) still hasn't mastered coming down. She seems to be a bit fearless and would just step off the top I wasn't holding her, and our stairs our quite steep and not carpeted. I've tried getting her to come down backwards but she just keeps turning round, so currently we're doing it on our bottoms.

I have wondered if she should be managing them by now, but she'll get there in her own sweet time, and as she sleeps well, eats well and hasn't had any tantrums (yet!) I can live with the fact that she still can't do stairs.

You are totally right Picadilly - there is always something else looming to worry about (currently when do I start potty training)

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