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2nd stage car seats

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nowwearefour Wed 23-Apr-08 10:31:53

does anyone know what which are currently recommending as the safest 2 or 3 seats for the 9kg-18kg category at all? i will need to get one for my 11 month old dd soon and i cant find any up to date research anywhere.....the Tobi does not fit in my car for some reason....

LIZS Wed 23-Apr-08 10:33:14

MC Priori or Britax Duo

nowwearefour Wed 23-Apr-08 10:35:22

thanks we have mc priori for dd1 but find the straps are constantly twisted up. is it user error or does anyone else find the same? it has put me off getting it again but if is the safest then i guess we must stick with it. we do not have isofix in this car (ford mondeo- how ridiculous???)

nannyL Wed 23-Apr-08 18:51:44

the MC tobi is safer than the priori

also the isofix MC or britax do very well, but only get the super high score when fixed in with isofix, rather than belts (which can also fix them)

PhoenixCymru Wed 23-Apr-08 20:39:09

the safest car seat is the one which fits the car. A seat can get umpteen ratings in safety tests, but if it's not a good fit for the car in which it is going, then it's not going to withstand an accident and as such won't be safe. Make sure you get it tested in your car and get shown how to fit it yourself as well, in case you need to take it out at any point.

nappyaddict Mon 11-Aug-08 14:48:35

you can untwist the straps on the priori. you have to undo the strap from underneath the car seat though so the shoulder strap and the waist strap aren't joined together. then you have to pull the clip thing on the shoulder strap down really hard and it should go past the twist and untwist itself. i had to get a bloke to do one of them cos i wasn't strong enough though.

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