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10 months slow development

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weels Fri 07-Jan-05 13:32:12

My DS is just 10 months. He was referred to a physio after his 8 month check to help with his mobililty as he was not rolling, crawling or sitting unsupported. He is now sitting for short periods and no longer flinging himself onto his back where he preferred to be, and is much happier sitting and playing though still a bit wobbly. He is a very happy, placid little boy who just isn't worried about moving around - he is very much a spectator when with other babies. He has now been referred to a paediatrician for assessment as he is scoring below average on his development chart - he isn't speaking yet either - is this normal - has anyone else had a similar experience - should I be worried?

frogs Fri 07-Jan-05 13:39:59

Sounds a bit like my three, except that they did sit steadily at that age. But none of them was mobile until after first birthday, never rolled, never crawled (all bottomshufflers!), and walked late. All are normal now, although they were late in some other gross motor skills like pedalling a trike, hopping etc. But dd1 (9) has just passed her bronze swimming badge, and ds (5) is a demon cricketer.

So I wouldn't worry, though it never hurts to get it checked out, particularly as it's your first child and you haven't got anything to compare it with. Btw age of walking etc is highly heritable, so it might be worth finding out at what ages you/dh reached these milestones.

Not sure what you mean by speech -- a 10 month old would generally be babbling, but it's a bit early for proper words. None of mine said a 'proper' word before 14 months, but were all talking complete sentences before 2nd birthday, and haven't stopped since.


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