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Can a baby be hyperactive/too advanced???

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kbaby Thu 06-Jan-05 20:19:36

This may sound daft but it's bugging me.

DD was a demanding baby. She would cry a lot and only slept if being held. However she was at times quite happy to lie on her play mat for 30 mins at a time. I thought it was a phase but it doesnt seem to be.
At 14 weeks she learnt how to roll over
At 5.5 months she learnt to sit up
At 7 months shes learnt how to crawl. She can clap hands and wave ta ta. She can also say cat, oh dear and dad. She is also very happy to entertain herself and play on her own.
The problem I get is, when I meet 10 other mums and their babies all around the same age. I know that they all develop at different ages but DD seems to be doing too much. Shes also very boisterous and a bully. Today for example 3 other babies all the same age were lying on the floor. The first thing she does is crawl over and start scratching their faces and pulling their hair. Im quite embarrased. One other mum said in a polite way that DD is hyper and boisterous, and she is, she is always on the go and never stops wriggling, moving etc. Other babies seem quite calm but DD isnt. Im wondering if she will always be this way. I know my brother was hyperactive as a child, wouldnt sleep and caused problems in school due to boredom and lack of attention. Im wondering if these are early signs that DD will be the same.
Has anyone else have a very,very active baby.

Shes 7 months old

egypt Thu 06-Jan-05 20:35:28

kbaby, dd is very active. other babies at group are only just sitting or not at all. she sat at 4.5 months, doesnt roll or crawl however but has started to bum shuffle. she grabs toys off other babies in her reach and pulls hair and scratches. she is into everything and i know will be a handful when she is on the move. i think all babies get to this stage, some early, some later but it's surely just inquisitivness; exploring their world. dont listen to the other mum. she might be concerned that her lo isnt doing the things yours is! be proud of her fast development but also cherish each stage as it goes too fast! your dd is FINE......and perfect.

aloha Thu 06-Jan-05 20:40:16

Don't think of her as a bully - at seven months she's just curious and interested, she will have no idea that what she's doing hurts. And never assume anything about how your child will be in the future, especially anything gloomy . Your daughter sounds lovely. Think of her as lively, fun and interesting. Being a rotten sleeper as a baby isn't a sign of any particular personality IMO. My ds was a horror for not sleeping for his first 8months but is now a total lamb and a very easygoing boy.

RudyDudy Thu 06-Jan-05 20:45:42

kbaby - my DS is just like that - apart from the sleeping bit as he is so active when he is awake that he sleeps really well. He's 14 months now and still the same. I understand your concerns as I have had them too but now I am glad that I have my lively little bundle of fun! Just enjoy the entertainment value!!

btw - really glad to read your post as I have worried whether it was just a 'boy thing' and it's nice to hear about an active little girl!

egypt Thu 06-Jan-05 20:48:36

hows the sleep anyway, kbaby?

coppertop Thu 06-Jan-05 20:48:40

It sounds to me as though your dd is just curious about the other babies. To her they are probably like dolls, especially if all they do is just lie there, and she wants to find out what they feel like.

My ds2 is older (23mths) and is known in our house as Hyper-Boy because he is so manic. Only this afternoon I was just feeling thankful that he had calmed down a bit after a mad morning. A friend came round, saw ds2 and said "Is he always this active?" And that was when he was relatively calm.

I don't know if your dd has early signs of anything but she certainly sounds like a bright little girl.

zebra Thu 06-Jan-05 20:55:35

I had a baby who had heaps of energy, was always active, did many things early...walked at 9 months, which made all the other moms in my circle quite nervous & glad he wasn't theirs. At least yours plays on her own, mine wanted constant attention from his mum, too.

Bozza Thu 06-Jan-05 21:10:17

kbaby your DD is NOT a bully. When dd was 3/4 months and my friend's baby was 7/8 months she would be always doing the things you say that your DD does. It was just curiosity - baby's love faces as well. There's nothing dd likes more than attacking mine, pulling my hair etc. And DD can't move but when she was laid on the floor near her cousin (3 months) she was managing to kick her way over to get at him. So thats normal but other than that she's just coming on well and entertaining herself is brilliant I think especially for you.

californiagirl Fri 07-Jan-05 18:42:33

DD is like that. She's at nursery now, and for a while she was almost the youngest, and they put her in a room with another very active baby. She and the other active baby chase each other around all day, and in a room where most of the babies are 3-4 months older than she is, she looks absolutely normal! I'd look for a group of older babies, you'll feel better. I try to avoid babies her age, and especially ones just a little younger, who make her look like a terror. She's just advanced, that's all. She's quite well behaved when compared to babies at her developmental level instead of her age.

kbaby Sun 09-Jan-05 11:07:35

Thanks everyone.

I asked my mum and she replied the same as you all, that I have a live wire who is very inquisitive and confident. She doesnt realise yet that scramming and pulling faces hurts.
At least you have all put my mind at rest.

Egypt re the sleeping; Still the same tbh. Still waking. She started waking twice a night so Dp decided to leave her cry and do cc. We only did it the one night and then the next night she slept all night. Its the same pattern as when we did CC b4. She cried for 2hrs then sleeps the next night then the night after cries for 2 hrs again. It seems that something will work for a few days and then stops working. ie bringing her into bed got her off to sleep for a week or so but then that stopped working, then feeding worked for a bit only for that to stop working.

Hows things for you?

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