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DS tantrum on first morning back at playschool

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VFeist Wed 05-Jan-05 10:02:53

My ds who is nearly four had a huge tantrum this morning, didn't want to go to playshool at all, wouldn't take his coat off, held on to me and I had pull him off and run out of the door. The teacher had to hold him back from running after me. The teachers said this happens sometimes, isn't rare, not to worry but I did feel bad for him and also that I am somehow useless too. The learning curve never stops does it?!

Twiglett Wed 05-Jan-05 10:04:36

why did it make you feel useless? I don't understand that

He just wanted to stay with you .. and had forgotten how much fun he had at nursery with his friends .. he was thinking of how much fun he had with you instead

Miriam2 Wed 05-Jan-05 10:08:29

Think you'll find it's happening all over the UK this week! My dd is 9 but still we have tears and 'I'll miss you mummy' each new term but she loves school.

It's the transition, though it's hard for you, he'll be fine after a day or two. Go have a big cup of coffee!!

coppertop Wed 05-Jan-05 10:30:16

I agree that it's the transition from holidays to term-time that they find hard. It's not you being useless!

I had the opposite experience. Ds1 practically ran all the way to school this morning. When I left him sitting on the carpet ready for the register he didn't so much as look in my direction, never mind say goodbye. You really can't win either way.

VFeist Wed 05-Jan-05 10:39:08

Thanks all of you. Twiglett, I always feel useless when's he's distressed in public - totally irrational I know; but I have had a big to do with my family about them all thinking that he's very badly behaved and the whole thing has knocked my confidence to feel in charge at all.b But you're right, he's had his mum and dad to himself for ages and I should probably take it as a compliment! I'm sure he'll be fine by the time I pick him up......

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