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Shocked by DS singing!

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happyspider Tue 04-Jan-05 23:02:55

I am raising my child bilingual and I usually talk to him in my native tongue, however I sing to him English nursery rhymes as we don't have them and I have grown to like them myself .
I used to sing to him in Italian up until he was around 10 months and then it has all been in English.

DS is now 18 months old and can sing at least 4 English nursery rhymes, everybody can understand his tune and if you know the songs you can also make up what he is singing but he's not very clear yet.

HOWEVER tonight he started singing this Italian song very clearly - he said 4 Italian words together! and also clapped his hands (this song says "clap your hands").

He cannot possibly have any exposure to this song anywhere where we live, and last time he heard it as I said was at least 8 months ago.

This shocked me, can he remember and reproduce something which he heard so long ago when he seemed not even interested in the song?

Any similar experience would be highly appreciated

kangasantamummy Tue 04-Jan-05 23:24:02

WOW that is amazing

kinderbob Tue 04-Jan-05 23:42:04

I'm very impressed. Obviously just stored away until he could form the words!

happyspider Wed 05-Jan-05 15:47:08

just mentioned this to friend who was over to see us for the Xmas hols, she's Italian and said that she might have sung this song to her own ds (same age as mine) while my ds was in the same room, she didn't think he was listening... but obviously he was.

I am a bit relieved as I thought that was a bit too strange, even though this goes to show that they are like sponges at this age!

Mo2 Wed 05-Jan-05 16:06:15

happyspider - we had a similar sort fo experience - we had a Hungarian au pair until DS1 was 2.4 - she used to do sing songs and do numbers in Hungarian with him.

He is now 5 and we have another Hungarian au pair who one day came to me in complete shock and said DS1 had just counted from 1 -10 in Hungarian - not something she had ever done before with him!!

I guess the Muzzy people are right when they say a child's language capabilities are most advanced at an early age!

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