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"PUFF-EDD!";; My 3 year olds made up swear word? How do I deal with it?

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Dragonbutter Fri 11-Apr-08 13:02:55

He grunts PUFF-EDD at people in an aggressive way. I've asked him what it means, he just says his friend says it at nursery.
It bothers me even though i don't know what it means?
What do I do?

Dragonbutter Fri 11-Apr-08 13:09:08


hippipotami Fri 11-Apr-08 13:12:25

Ignore, he is 3. The more you make an issue of it, the more he will do it.
Let's face it, it is not a real swear word, in fact if he hissed/grunted that at me I woud assume he is playing dragons smile

hippipotami Fri 11-Apr-08 13:13:15

Perhaps a gentle word to remind him that it is not nice to say anything to people in an agressive way, but other than that I would let it go.

popsycal Fri 11-Apr-08 13:15:30

DS2 has developed the use of the word 'minty' as an insult. No idea where it comes from.

As in 'Mummy - you minty'

Ignore ignore ignore

Dragonbutter Fri 11-Apr-08 13:18:35

Minty! that's funny.
it's so annoying isn't it.
at least if it was a real swear word I could deal with it with the usual routine but he gets away with this one.
i feel like he's found a loophole.

Dragonbutter Fri 11-Apr-08 13:20:01

thanks hippi, i know you're right, but it infuriates me and I wish i knew what he means.

MadamePlatypus Fri 11-Apr-08 13:22:10

I would ignore 'proper' swear words too. I think paying them attention just makes them seem more exciting.

Furball Fri 11-Apr-08 13:24:32

my ds used flannen when he was that age. we just grinned (literally) and beared it.

CoolYourJets Fri 11-Apr-08 13:24:41

I suspect it is fuck it unfortunately.

Dragonbutter Fri 11-Apr-08 13:25:04

what about 'shut up'? does it count as a swear word. i don't like it, but even Woody says it to Buzz lightyear in toy story and today on the radio was a song by the black eyed peas going, 'shut up,shut up, just shut up shut up'.
Isn't shut up offensive?

Dragonbutter Fri 11-Apr-08 13:25:44

fuck it?????shock noooooooooooo!
surely not?

mankymummy Fri 11-Apr-08 13:25:58

I made the mistake of laughing when DS was trying to say Fat Controller, the way he says it sounds exactly like F*ing Troller.

So of course now he says it in his loudest voice at all opportunities, I can't even tell him off because he isn't meaning to swear ! grin

fluffyanimal Fri 11-Apr-08 13:27:24

No I reckon he means "poof-head", i.e. something vaguely homophobic (although of course he himself won't understand what it means).

Iklboo Fri 11-Apr-08 13:28:06

Might be "puff head" (homophobic word I've heard bandied about round here) but I hope not.
Ds (2.5) says frickin' 'eck but he's trying to say flipping heck. We think.

VanillaPumpkin Fri 11-Apr-08 13:28:10

My children know saying Shut up is a 'bad thing' grin. They gasp and say Ummmmm and tell me about it. Tis great.
I really don't like shut up, or stupid. That is not allowed either....
Puff-edd I would roll with tbh. It will pass.... and could be a lot worse.

Dragonbutter Fri 11-Apr-08 13:28:28

i doubt very much it's a homophobic comment but thanks

bigspender30 Fri 11-Apr-08 13:28:58

Manky mummy-we have that too except it sounds like Fat C*nt

peanutbear Fri 11-Apr-08 13:29:58

mine ds calls people a wedgie baby or a nerd

I am ignoring it hopefully it will go away

OverMyDeadBody Fri 11-Apr-08 13:35:32

I would ignore it and ignore proper swear words too, they loose all appeal if they don't get any reaction.

purpleduck Fri 11-Apr-08 13:37:06

vanilla, we don't allow "shut up" or "stupid" either.

They will come home from school and say that someone has said a bad word...then they will say "they said SHUT UP!!"

Its hard because alot of people think it is fine. I think its rude, and everyone has a right to talk

To OP,
I would ignore.
And write it down so you won't forget- then you can laugh about it later!

Dragonbutter Fri 11-Apr-08 13:41:25

I like the idea that it's just a made up word like Minty, Flannen etc
I don't like the idea that it's his mispronunciation of poof-head, that's a horrible thought. I'm fairly sure he could say it properly though if that's what he was trying to say. So fingers crossed.
Thanks. I'll ignore. smile

fluffyanimal Fri 11-Apr-08 13:43:46

If he's learnt it from another 3 year old, that child might not be pronouncing it properly. It's also easy to mispronounce something if you don't know what it means. I'm sure he doesn't! But the thing is, other people might think he is saying 'poof-head' - whether or not he is, so I'd try to stop it if I were you.

VanillaPumpkin Fri 11-Apr-08 13:46:20

'Be quiet' gets the same message across though and is much nicer grin. Lol at your children coming home from school all shocked. That is what dd1 is like grin.
Only about that though. She gets in trouble for drawing on the tables hmm.

peanutbear Fri 11-Apr-08 13:47:04

people woulnt really think a 3 year old was being homophobic and if they did they have a serious problem

its a child practising with words to see which gets the best reaction

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