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Anyone else's baby had a suspected hiatus hernia?

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firststeps Mon 07-Apr-08 13:36:13

Our chiropractor thinks DS2 may have this, have been doing some research but just wondered if anyone else had been in the same boat and had any advice etc.... smile

VictorianSqualor Mon 07-Apr-08 14:47:04

No advice but bump for you, someone is bound to know something.

firststeps Mon 07-Apr-08 17:55:14

thanks VictorianSqualor smile

VictorianSqualor Mon 07-Apr-08 19:11:54

No problem.
Now can someone come and help this lady please!

firststeps Mon 07-Apr-08 20:04:47

bumping again - anyone!!!!

VictorianSqualor Mon 07-Apr-08 21:09:45

<looks around for posters>

TheLittleElf Mon 07-Apr-08 21:43:30

My nephew had one of these when he was a baby, but it seemed to sort 'itself' out, and no treatment was needed. He's now 4 and it's never been a problem for him smile

Monkeybird Mon 07-Apr-08 21:43:33

why don't you post this in the health topic instead perhaps? sorry I can't help...

KellyKateneedsaholiday Mon 07-Apr-08 21:44:07

My sisters dd had this from birth a few years ago, they thought it might sort itself over time but it didnt so she had an op when she was about 3 and a half. Docs wouldnt do anything till she had turned 3. It didnt hurt her or bother her, just looked a bit strange when she laughed or cried etc cos the hernia would stick right out. Didnt cause any problems though

bellavita Mon 07-Apr-08 21:45:32

My two boys had inguinal hernias (in fact DS1 had them twice - which is quite rare) when they were babies.

They had to have operations - DS1 at 10 weeks, then at aged 2, DS2 at about 11 months.

I think they are routine procedures? How old is your DS2?

MsKipsy Thu 04-Aug-11 14:50:14

Hiya! I'm hoping for some advice/help. My 5yr old son is about to have a hernia op and we were wondering how long he might be feeling 'a bit off' for afterwards. If anyone has been through this can they please let me know?

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