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Teething - delayed?

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GloriaMumble Sat 05-Apr-08 09:12:43

DD is almost 17mo and still only has 5 (well 4 and a half) teeth. Most of the DCs in my ante-natal class have at least 11, one has 18. Should I be worrying?

Her first tooth came through at 11 months so she was late starting but I expected them all to come through quite quickly thereafter. I'm a bit concerned that if she doesn't start getting more soon, it will affect her speech.

Don't really want to talk to HV as i don't trust her (last time I saw her she had a go at me cus DD was still having a bottkle before bed and I should have stopped that at 9 months apparently hmm)

HereComeTheGirls Sat 05-Apr-08 09:26:32

I wouldn't worry...the best person to chat to would be your dentist I think!

HereComeTheGirls Sat 05-Apr-08 09:27:39

The reason I wouldn't worry is that I have known kids who teethed very late! smile
I also work for a dentist and know that they are used to dealing with such queries and can set your mind at rest smile

Meandmyjoe Sat 05-Apr-08 09:43:24

Stoppin the bedtime bottle at 9 months hmm I've been advised to do it until at least 18 months but really until ds doesn't need it or want it anymore. No wonder us mums are confused!

All babies get teeth at completely different times. DS is 8 months and still hasn't got one. Some babies get the really really early. They will come in time.

cheekychickenknickers Sat 05-Apr-08 09:46:46

DS2 is 18 months
his first tooth broke through the day before his first birthday.
then he had 2 at the top for a while
then 2 at the bottom
last week he got 2 double ones at the back at the top
this week it looks like he is getting matching ones at the bottom.
I will be going to the dentist myself in the next few months so was going to check that it was all ok but not really worried.

As for bed time bottle, DS1 is 4 and he still has milk before bed granted not in a bottle but not sure what the difference is?

HereComeTheGirls Sat 05-Apr-08 09:53:35

Actually the official guideline by dentists is to start using a cup as soon as teeth come through, but I doubt ANYONE does that. I think the reason is that because of the way children suck from bottles it causes milk to cover their teeth at night and can cause decay. Not quite so sure what the problem is if you brush their teeth afterwards!!

hairtwiddler Sat 05-Apr-08 09:59:56

DD got her first tooth at 16months and it was months after that before she got any more. The dentist said it was unusual but nothing to worry about. They are now mostly all through, and came in the right order. She's 2.3.

DebRiz Sat 05-Apr-08 12:04:26

our dd is 18 months and only has 4 teeth (plus lots of bulging in the top gums!). So many poeple have told me the later they come the stronger they are! I worry occasionally but then thinkg its nothing i can control and they'll appear when they are ready too. My dentist told me not to worry.

K999 Sat 05-Apr-08 12:39:02

Dd2 is 14 months and not a single tooth in sight!!

bandgeek Sat 05-Apr-08 12:46:55

My DD got her first tooth at 13 months. She will be 2 in a fortnight and is still waiting on a couple of canines to come through, plus 4 molars!

chipo Sat 05-Apr-08 17:04:57

My dd only got her 1st tooth at 13 months (aug), then 1 a month till nov when she got 5. Now at 21mths she has 12. So don't worry it's normal.

robberbutton Sat 21-Feb-09 23:14:37

I know this is an old thread but just wanted to say glad I found it - DD is over 11 months and doesn't have any teeth yet! It's good in a way because I'm still bfing her, but OTOH yet another thing to worry about <sigh>

CarGirl Sat 21-Feb-09 23:22:49

LOL!!!!! My DC3 didn't get her first tooth until around 18 months!

HZA Thu 05-Nov-09 22:30:42

I'm glad I found this thread too. Toddler 18 months and only 5 teeth. Reassuring to know he's not alone.

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